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Snowshoe's Toybox
« on: April 23, 2009, 10:28:57 PM »
This, apparently, is my SMWar toybox full of skins, maps, and music stuff.


*You can download these by right clicking and selecting "Save Picture As..." and picking the directory you'd like to put them.
**Skins uploaded as a PNG image. You can simply change this to BMP when you choose where you save it by clicking the dropdown menu and selecting "*.bmp", or use "All Files" and add the ".bmp" extension at the end.
***All skins are normal and have been tested to look good in the other palettes (Ztar'd, Gold, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Inverted). They should be fine in April Fools Edition and 1.8 Beta 1. I don't know about previous versions since I haven't played them. Some of the white in the eyes and such are a little darker than intended.
****Finally, some skins come from no exact idea at all/have been modified from what the base idea was. With Subcon, Waddle Doo, Turn Block, and Yoshi Egg as an exception. I believe the Yoshi Egg can be told apart from 1.8's Egg. As for AFE, the egg is the same style, but I added eyes so you don't get confused. Yoshi Egg was my first skin.


I made him wear the ribbon on his head just so I could add the secondary team color to "mix things up"  :D


This one's odd. Especially the smashed frame...


Pretty good walking frames, eh?


My personal favorite!


A direct rip from my Super Mario World ROMhack.

Unoriginal Skins

These skins come from ideas already thought of. i.e. Kirby, etc.

Improved Waddle Doo

A SNES styled new Waddle Doo. A direct rip from my Kirby's Adventure ROMhack. I think they should get rid of the flat WDoo and replace it with mine/someone else's that follows the guidelines.

Turn Block

He's kinda cute. :3


Not from Super Mario AllStars, I shaded it myself from the NES SMB2.

Yoshi Egg

A Super Mario World Yoshi Egg with little eyes.

Other Skins

These skins are put in the GFX pack that you choose. i.e Classicmodeobjects

Yoshi's Island Styled Yoshi

For use in modeobjects
This Yoshi replaces the SMW one with a SMW2:YI one. Simple.

Yoshi's Island Coin

For use in modeobjects
This one's pretty cool. It replaces the stars in Star mode to YI Coins. In addition I added the evil YI coin, (For Ztar) and a Shyguy coin. (for Shine Get!)

High Quality Maps

Underground Passage

I entered this in the Weekly Map Contest.

Chocolate Runway UPDATED

Another good one.


I named it "Elevation" because of the elevator, but the word Elevation means something else.

HighSpeed Delivery

I just made this today. 1/3 This is part one of the three related maps I made.

Truck Stop

Made this one today too. 2/3


Another fun one. 3/3

Pipe Brawl

My first map. Pretty cool but Complicated.

Ice Brigade

A normal cold map. One of my firsts. Also note the witty name.


Forward Slash

This is pretty simple too. I made this last night.


Touhou - Owen Was Her?
Oh god why did I convert this to OGG. A little louder than usual.


Well, this is all I have for right now. I'll update this as new stuff comes along. Give me some feedback on this guys!  :mrgreen:
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I would put something cool here, but for now, deal with this:

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Re: Snowshoe's Toybox
« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2009, 10:47:19 PM »
Welcome to the forums and have some fun posting your works for smwar! :P Anyways...

I downloaded your elevation map and the chocolate runway one. Those two seemed the nicest looking to me. Elevation really had me disappointed since the cpus didn't do much besides stand and jump in place, so that was an instant bore fest. :(  The chocolate runway is very nice and fun but the only problem I had on that was reaching the items because of the awkward jump or the fact the cpus would turn on the switches when an item would appear in the item block, due to trying to jump up there.

Your skins look nice but I haven't tried them yet, so I'll leave that up to someone else to criticize.

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Re: Snowshoe's Toybox
« Reply #2 on: April 24, 2009, 11:37:10 AM »
So far I only got around to trying out your maps, skins seem to be very cool too though, glad to see that somebody wanders in and drops some decent content for once.

The maps overall seem to be very nicely crafted but they're kinda lacking gameplay-wise at times, personal favourite was probably Underground Passage. Pipe Brawl seemed great too, but I'd say the sheer amount of warps mucked it up quite a bit.

also the download or the picture (depends on what is intended) for Chocolate Runway is outdated, the screenshot features the on/off switches and clouds while the actual map file doesn't

edit: also, welcome to the forums!

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Re: Snowshoe's Toybox
« Reply #3 on: April 24, 2009, 02:37:14 PM »
Welcome to the forum!
The skins you made are pretty cool although I do want to point out that it's a Waddle DOO not a Waddle Dee. XP

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Re: Snowshoe's Toybox
« Reply #4 on: April 24, 2009, 02:40:41 PM »
Quote from: "KingPepe"
Welcome to the forum!
The skins you made are pretty cool although I do want to point out that it's a Waddle DOO not a Waddle Dee. XP

I get those confused sometimes. Heh.

I'll update the Chocolate Runway screen and fix the typo.
I would put something cool here, but for now, deal with this:

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Re: Snowshoe's Toybox
« Reply #5 on: April 28, 2009, 04:45:31 AM »
I downloaded five of your maps, and I like your idea of Truck Chase. I suggest you add more scrolling clouds so you can feel that you're chasing the darn  :shock: TRUCK WITH THE BULLET BILL MACHii....

that reminds me of echo's bullet jumping....hehe

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