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WWF Football Ninjas: An "If only" Game
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An "If only" Game is the Idea that if only you had more resources available to you, ou would be able to do it.

[s:1j07iowm]Basically the idea here is that what if DBZ became Heavy Metal?[/s:1j07iowm]
Basicall the idea here is "what if a hack and slasher had Football esque Play moves you can do mid combat?"

The way this would work is in football usually you have A, B and C to throw the ball to, The difference here is that While choosing a "Command" You choose your A, B, C, D, etc victims. When you choose them, You give the order to "GO!" and the Play goes.

These plays can go anywhere from One of your ninjas grabs an opponent as another hacks and slashes them while the others keep the enemies away from the Circle. Basically Eliminating One of their Men and hopefully you're men all Kept the others well enough off to make sure no one was hurt.

Or General Formations where you Choose one of you're own men to protect and everyone protects that one guy, or B and C protects that one Guy while A Is that one guy.

Basically, The idea is that the sky is the limit.

You can also Set up Formations like "Diamond" or "circle" or have a numerous amount of infiltration moves to rush into an area. like "Stepping stone and the Jumper" where A Ducks and B uses A to jump off of, over the opponents that might be in the way and goes into attack C.

Tactics are as much an issue as actual gameplay.
Leadership and brilliance is as important as performance.
And if you really want to, you can become a coach.

-The Camera is Overhead, and can Swirl in any direction you want, sort of like MGS2 only you control which direction the Camera can go in (If its like that, then my bad, I only had minimal playing time with the series)

Character Types
Description-A Happy Looking Anime-esque Character with a santa claus beard and piercing look.

Introduction-Some People See him coming out of a sushi Parlor Eating a big Sandwich looking sushi. Some kids look at him and Laugh. He then Lights Up a cigerette and just stares them in the face until they get uncomfertable while one of the kids understand what happiness is. Then he uses mase and watches as he curls up onto the floor. He Then does a THumbs up and winks to the Camera.

Purpose-He's Meant to be an immobile Character that is a master of Aikido and moving through forces at a slow pace. Though he can't hold people down for a very long time unless they are weak, he has a lot of weight that someone is going to try and throw, as a result they are forced to used normal attacks. However, as most Fighters are, they are meant to deal with attacks, and he thus can deal with a few attacks and possibly throw them out of his way and into other people so he can get to his target. Basically an Immobile figure, a great body guard and great infiltrater, though he may take a little time to do so, very good against multiple fighters so long as he can get his grabs off.

weapon of choice-Kendama which he can grab people by the legs or their weapon and pull them/it in (Though Pulling the person in will take a certain amount of time depending on who they are. And sometimes they are heavy making it an impossible task). However, needs a bit of a Charge up time and as a result he is left to Blocking and his aikido up close.

Why him?-This character knows what he likes. Not being able to be pushed around and able to mess with others very easily. its a nice little thing. In a video game, everyone enjoys dominating and don't like getting dominated. Though an important aspect is the idea of "Balance". And as a result, This character can pretty easily get dominated by ranged attackers with high speeds resulting in themselves getting ranged weapons. But when they get it, they will have a harder time hitting their opponent they the opponent will have hitting them. Thus going into "Armor vs Speed", where Armor wins out since the idea of "Armor thats so strong nothing can get through it" But that gets into a Character like the "Filler" that might get lucky and break through it. leading to them seeing that maybe they can't just use just heavy armor since the lucky can also do the same. Which is why you have teammates! and also why they have teammates.

Description-A Heroic Looking Character looking off into the distance (the best I could do) with something "infinite" about him. A Roman Hero incarnate, is what he is supposed to be. 1 He is meant to be Achilles.

Introduction-See him Saving old people from a fire, He then hears a child screaming, and he goes in to get them and has the house beams fall. All except one which he grabs pushes behind him and he runs over the wreckage to the people. (Not sure, but as a joke part he asks "What happened?" and one says "Don't you remember? You were fixing the Furnace" He says "Oops" and Chuckles then says "Aren't you guys glad I'm the idiot that made the mistake though?" Everyone nods)

Purpose-He is meant to be your right hand man. The one you tell to grab someone to hold, or to Bend over so you can have other people jump off him. It would be the Sumo except he is weak is would probably fall if someone jumped off him. The Samurai can handle even a Sumo's weight on his back and arms. Though he can be used for infiltration, you're best bet is to keep him doing Dirty work here and there instead of using him as direct infiltration.

Weapon of choice-Hammer. As a paladin of sorts, he basically is someone that is supposed to keep everyone back so that The Plays that you want to get done get done. Featuring an Unblockable attack that has a good range you will soon grow to appreciate this character and hope he is with you on everyday life. Hopefully eventually leading to a spartan-esque world all based around this character.

Why him?-this character is you're friend. THe Kind of person you'd want in real life. He understands what is needed to be done so long as you give him the appropiate AI and can do it Brisky and without Heed. You'll want to be him, and may end up playing him if you feel like you owe him a favor or two. You want him by yourside, a person you can trust, a person that would take a beating for you, and might make you feel one day the same for him.

Description-Snady looking figure that is ready for action 1. Not exactly Strong, but Fit for himself and his own purposes 2 Wears Mostly Tight fitting/Unrestricting clothing that usually is Black or Camo. As a woman, she would probably look something like Chun Li from street Fighter, Big Legs and Small upper Body, Ready for some running while not especially worried about striking to hard.

Introduction-You see him hitting on some lady, a bigger guy looks like hes about to Grab him and he back hands him in the nose and the guy drops. He then gives the guy a hand to get up and asks "Is this your lady?". The guy says "Yeah! What of it!" he says "I hear that you have been working as a mechanic for a long time, I know some people in the business that could possibly get you a job working on a film set" the guy says "I wouldn't take anything from a punk like you." He then says to the guy, You should chill out, I don't want any problems, heres my card. He gives him his card and a hundred dollars" "I'm sorry if things got off on the wrong foot, I only want the best for you and everyone else, call me if you want to talk." He gives him a napkin. Also Whispers in his ear "You shouldn't be so aggressive when approaching people, it gives them the wrong impression" he then walks away all cool. A car comes screeching to a halt as he walks, which he jumps onto, then continues walking on that, then off and away.

Purpose-He will be you're main attacker and infiltrater and probably you're character of choice if you like combat. as the fastest character in the game Their job is to move through obstacles as if it was prince of persia, then go in for the kill. unfortunately, they aren't perfect since you're also going to need to deal with Friction and Awareness of a hammer coming at your face. As well as plenty of ropes gunning at your legs and arms to jump over and duck under. and of course the arrow that you need to hope doesn't hit you.

Weapon of choice-Nunchucks-Quick and To the Point, Can be used rapidly and on the Go. A Bruce Lee Movie is a Perfect Example of Why Nunchucks are Awesome.

Why-Because who doesn't love spammy, Acrobatic, crazy actions that look really hard to do, but once you master it, no one can stop you? Who? The person thats losing maybe? Nah... Even they love seeing you Pounce at them like a Lion on its Prey, Almost too pretty of a sight to see.

Description-A Scrawny kid that looks at the camera with Delight and has glasses on and a big sword he is trying to pose he is picking up

Introduction-You see him in the army with people similar to him and the sergeant asks "You ready to be a Hero?!" and he says "SIR YES SIR!" and a tear rolls down his eye. He is then smacked in the face and the Sergent says "MY BOYS WILL NOT CRY UNTIL ORDERED DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?!" and he says "SIR! I WILL NOT BREATH UNLESS GIVEN THE ORDER!" He then comences to hold his breath, his face turns more blue and he then passes out. The sergent says "Thats what I like to see! We got ourselves a Soldier!" he lays on the ground smiling. Then you hear as it fades out "Thank you".

Purpose-He is supposed to level up as the Game progresses and have a 50/50 chance of doing something exactly right. He isn't supposed to be anything special, but rather he is the "hope" and has potential of getting the power needed. Though sometimes he gets a little agressive, and more often then not he is a weakling that can't do too much.

Weapon of Choice-Bow and Arrow. He Can get that perfect shot off and perhaps even go on a killing spree spraying Arrows everywhere, if you keep him alive... Its a 50/50 chance. But would you rather have a "Always hit but he blocks"? or would you rather have "I could hit him exactly where I want... Maybe..."

Why him?-I think this character Represents all of us in someway. We adapt from getting screwed over in some way to protect ourselves from future problems, which is a good thing. But at the same time, when it comes down to it, Luck is a huge factor in a our daily life. We got lucky finding people that become our freinds, getting the internet, getting life! we don't ever truelly have power since even the skills associated to being fast, musically talented or anything is all just luck. The only thing we can say is what we sacrificed for, the struggles we put ourselves through even though even that could be considered luck. Everything in balance I suppose, and Luck plays a factor. He is the universe and Us. We may get power, we may not, something we always will know is that the future can sometimes be unpredictable. In inspirational ways, and demotivating ways as well. (A Team full of Fillers Might kill their enemies in one hit, Or Be Thrashed apart easily.

Action Commands
-Hide-Hide behind Trees
-Jump off of-This is a "Quick Command" sort of action where you jump on then immediately jump again. Used mostly
-Climb onto-This is mostly used for Buildings so that you have a place to jump off of

Distance commands
-Fastest Path-THis Concept will probably be one of the most regularly used

I'll Show you bits and peices along the way

This is an Idea I had long before ever seeing this Picture, But the basic idea is this
-Charge Moves-A Heavy Move is a Move you can charge up indefinitly (Though it will hit a peak after so long) Basically used to hit you're enemies into  Terrain
-Spin Move-Spin Move takes a little time to do but Blows
-Lightning Fast moves-A Lightning fast move is a move that will happen in a single frame, Like a semi automatic gun, you can do it as quickly as you'd like.

-THis is the most important part because you basically need to emulate DBZ as much as possible without making it too annoying
--Everytime you're hit by a Lightning fast move, you get 1 stun counter
--Everytime you're hit by a Spin move, you get 3 stun counters
--Everytime you're hit by a Heavy move you get 7

The idea is these stun counters start to rack up, and to get rid of each stun counter you need to press guard once
-Eventually this leads into some combo oppertunities, however, doesn't need to be.

Life<->Speed System
-Life System is Based on Armor

I'll have more on this later
There is much to show....
I want the wisest things to happen
If you like stuff. That stuff will always exsist.... IN YOUR MIND! OH SHNAP! UNLESS U FORGETZ IT! OR SHNAP! maybe...
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