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Forum Fighters (A Browser Based Platformer/Fighting Game)
« on: October 23, 2008, 07:23:07 PM »
Now the Details on this arent complete yet...
But this is what I've come up with so far

Online Multiplayer
I dont play games that arent Multiplayer, I either do art, or I go to forums. I have all the access in the world to Super Mario World (One of My favorite games thus far.) as well as numerous other emulators and Roms. But, I have no roms that I really want because they are laggy or seem too hardcore/arent played with people that I talk to afterwards (And I'm not a guild gamer, but I like to be good at stuff)

Either way. This game is meant to be played on a Browser.

Similar to the way the IRC is, Forum Fighters Setup is based on channels. If you want a channel, your going to have to supply the bandwith for it.
THis is good because...
1) SHetty COmputers arent the ones providing bandwith for Multiplayer battles to go down (One problem for Kaillera and other Multiplayer game) (THe Host will be a third party, based on whoevers website/whatever it is)
3) websites can host a match anytime, without mod necessary

THe way the Game is going to communicate is this
1) Communicate Actions
2)every 2 seconds find "Exact position" (Though this shouldnt be a hassle. since if the physics and the actions were loaded correctly, then People should be in the right place everytime)

So long as the physics/Actions Add up. Then People arent going to have too bad a time.

A players statistics is not based upon a "User ID" but rather its based upon a FIle saved on a computer.
When you enter into a game, you have the choice to load which file you want to use, and thus it will save your "Deaths, Kills (ANd players that killed or were killed by you), Frequented Forum Fights, Time Spent, and other statistics people might want to see.)
This can be accessed  by double clicking a name of a person on the side, which will show the statistics on your screen and either pause your character and wait for you to exit out or something, so you wont be killed unfairly.

-In free for all battles, a Forum Moderator (Which is set by the CHannel Creator) can set the Respawn Restrictions like
1) Cannot respawn x pixles from other players
2) Cannot Respawn for x seconds after death

-In team battles
1) You can spawn near team member
2) You can spawn at Base (If you have one)

As for the game play

There are many things I want to do

1) Be the Bullet-Sonic (The Idea behind sonic is during a battle, no matter what happens, I want a person to be able to accellerate from it. They Get Pushed Back, use that speed to run up a wall and jump back at the person somehow. I want Sonic to be truelly Quick Accell and Infinitly High Speed if your good)
2) Man of Many Masks-Mario (I'm planning on making a Half Shyguy mask half Mario face mario at some point. Just to reinforce my idea of the true mario.... "Joe the Plumber" "Wanda the Waitress" "etc" "WHATEVER HE WANTS")
3) Weapon master-Megaman (I'm taking the weapons that have intersting movement from every game I can, Boomerang, X Buster, Drill, Homing Missile, Grenade, Bouncing) THe idea is that These weapons can all be used in such a way that no matter what the situation is, a person can win a battle. However, I dont want to make any of the weapons over powered, but I dont want to underpower him just because he

4) I'm thinking about making all of these characters Wooden Puppets or something. Where with one character, you can do whatever you want with. You can also customize your character with different Outfitts and pallettes... but I dont know yet... Also was thinking about instead of full pixle art, individual Peices are created and programmed in game like a dummy system... I dunno yet...

5) Customize

Game Types
1) War-Between two Channels or groups there are Multiple rounds, where each round has the host on their side. Each team has a base (A Base is a type of terrain that can be created and saved onto a computer. a single base is about the dimensions of one SMW Level, and cannot have Blockades for any spawns or objectives) and when entering a round there is Randomly generated terrain between the two parties (Sky is Set to nothing, But Ground and Underground is different.) and the Goal is to eliminate the other team whatever it takes
2) Race-A number of people go through a level and can take multiple paths of a randomly generated Platforming maze with enemies.
3) FFA
4) Skill Test-Just levels that test, Rapidness of Button Pressing, Patience (Dont kill the puppy), DDR, Strategy and trickyness and whatever else I can add into this game

Other Parts
1) Dance Dance Revolution-I really like the idea of Dance dance revolution fighting game, and I wanted to include a sort of Midi Sequenced aspect to the game. Where if people time their attacks right or this or that, they get more ammo, or life, or Energy or something.... Maybe just points... something completely useless... But it is just meant to be a sort of fun little thing where you can time your attacks right when a beat happens to get an extra boost or something. Or stop moving right when a beat happens, or jump or whatever you want. (Maybe it'll be my second jump mech.

2) The Weakness to every Character-I want every characters weakness not to be anything but indecisiveness, poor decisions and understanding the way the game works mathamatically. Like Why you Get someone in a corner, or a hallway. I want The Best character to be Megaman, but the easiest character to use to be sonic. Mario will just be an intermediate and present the whole idea of "The Ultimate character".
a) There will be an initial lag time to every animation. if someone intially wants to attack, then instead chooses to jump. They will cancel their attack and jump instead. However, if you want to attack and then Jump while holding attack, you will do an alternate attack.
b) Some things will leave you vulnerable to certain things...

3) Secret Moves-I wanted to put little Easter eggs that wouldnt be too hard to find. Like Sonic Spinball which would instead be a "Sprinters Stance" or a high jump which would take advantage of Lag time. By entering into Impatience animation of your character, you can do stronger moves then you would when you were doing anything else. Litle things like these I would want to put in just to make the game a little more interesting.

I havent come up with the gameplay too much, but the forum Online play seems more interesting
I want the wisest things to happen
If you like stuff. That stuff will always exsist.... IN YOUR MIND! OH SHNAP! UNLESS U FORGETZ IT! OR SHNAP! maybe...
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Re: Forum Fighters (A Browser Based Platformer/Fighting Game)
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2008, 08:02:52 PM »
you are working on a platformer/fighting game too?
this could be interesting

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Re: Forum Fighters (A Browser Based Platformer/Fighting Game)
« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2008, 08:29:52 PM »
I want to, however, I havent been able to learn java... at all....
And I dont know if I'll ever be able to make anything in Java,
But I know if I come up with a flawless COncept, one day someone will see it and it can be made. Hopefully, and if that doesnt happen. Then I'll Post it on Craigslist, and Maybe pay someone to code it.

Right Now, I'm just COming up with the COncept.
I want the Game to be as Lagless And have as minimal information as possible

I'm all for help

I hope you understand the basic Concept though
1) It will be put into Browsers (Java/Flash)
2) The Hosts WIll Be the Browsers themselves (Meant to be like java)
3) There will be different Channels that be accessed from one channel as well as a default (Based off IRC)

The Actual Gameplay I want to base on Hitboxes, Physics and Commands
-The graphics will Be loaded if The Player Wants to

The Levels, are randomly generated so theres nothing to be saved.

And The Statistics and bases (Bases will be used for wars [Wars are Where there are two teams, each with their own base and inbetween each base and a little to the side there will be randomly generated terrain {Included Below where people can dig into the ground using People they can hire, they con only edit what They've seen. and they can also Hire Little Units to Distract and Hold off Enemies}])

all the Saved things and Statistics will be saved to a persons computer
-When loading a profile the stats will be saved to computer to the forum if the forum creates an App that can Communicate with it. Where Kills, Deaths, Moves, Channels, Etc will all be saved.
-People Can also Load Which Base they want to Advertise, and when people enter into a war, Each players (ally or enemy) Base will be seen as a JPG and every player will vote on which base they are going to use.

some of the Tiles That I want to create
-Weighted tiles-When a brick is destroyed under it, it will fall. It can also be moved
-Classic Breakables
-Connected Tiles-Tiles that Are Connected to one another (Can Be any SHape and Type)
-Mario Type Tiles
-Immobile Tiles

I want to make the game as fun as possible

I'm all ears for Suggestions...
But it would have to be a discussion, just because you say something, doesnt me it will be included. Same with My ideas, Not all of them are great, but I KNOW, Effeciency, fun and playstyle is important
I want the wisest things to happen
If you like stuff. That stuff will always exsist.... IN YOUR MIND! OH SHNAP! UNLESS U FORGETZ IT! OR SHNAP! maybe...
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