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Metal Gear Solid War
« on: October 15, 2008, 09:03:12 PM »

Fitting music you can listen to can be found in the spoilers:


This is a mod I've thought through, and hopefully, I and everyone else planning to work on this mod will be able to set some standards.

-= This mod will have fully customizable menus. =-
This means you can select, mix and match the themes. There are 10 music themes and I'm not sure as of now how many graphics themes there will be (six or seven). Also, there will be a "Custom" theme, where you can insert your own background. If you want, you could add your own "Custom" music theme, but I'm not sure people would do that, since if you didn't have anything there, it wouldn't really work...

-= This mod will be backwards-compatible. =-
This means we're leaving in the original tileset plus our own, so right from the start, you can play past maps, or make new maps for 1.8 (using the Classic tileset, of course). This isn't necessarily backwards-compatible, but that sounds cool.

-= This mod needs help. =-
This means I can't get it done on my own. I've already got some of it stable, meaning the music packs, but the tilesets and other stuff isn't the kind of stuff I'm best at. All help would be greatly appreciated (this means finding out how to change the bouncy names too; gotta give credit where credit is due).

MGSW won't be worked on 24/7; we will have real life duties as everyone does.

NOTIFICATION: A lot of 72dpi mods get canceled due to loss of interest, forgetfulness, or other various reasons. This MAY happen from time to time, and if I go for some time without updates, and you want this mod done, please PM me and remind me of the mod. Thank you!

Signups will start here; I'm not expecting many. Keep in mind that if I don't get help, this mod won't be done. Period. No pressure, nor sarcasm.

Tileset A ________________
Tileset B ________________ (No, there aren't multiple tilesets, unless it's decided. These are helper IDs.)

SFX A ________________
SFX B ________________

Power-ups, items, and the likes A ________________
Power-ups, items, and the likes B ________________
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