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3d Game/Platform
« on: October 12, 2008, 11:43:37 PM »
I dont know coding past a few lines in flash.
But I know what I want and Little bits and peices of what I would want.

THis isnt as much a Programming Language as it is just a platform for Games to be created upon.

SO here it is...

First of; There will be two types of Gameplay.
1) War Games-This is a "Random/Custom Weapon generator" Game that allows people to fight eachother with Minigames as a way to win/Lose. No matter what, Weapons are a part of it, Either Being Melee, Ranged, Gravity Effected, and vaious shaps and directions as well as featuring "Damage" and "Push" increases. However, to maximize a way to kill someone isnt necessarilly a weapon, though it helps. It actually the minigame that They choose to Represent their life.
2) Custom Games-These are games that have a preset Mingame to represent Winning and losing conditions, Set Cameras, Terrain Types (Since you can save multiple terrain to one map), spawn points and various other things that you can have that change the way the game plays (I want the Game to be able to go from smash bros to Halo to DDR)

THe Game/Platform

1) THe Basic Model of Each Character is A Generic Figure which can be customized with different noses, Muscles, Clothing, Heair, Skins etc. However, You dont need to see anybody elses Clothing. Infact, you have the option to have everyone else randomize, while you yourself are something. This allows less communication over the internet allowing faster load times of other things.

2) Terrain-
-War Games- I was considering Making a game that Allowed users to make their own base, and the Terrain would be randomly generated including Caves, Hills, Cliffs and Plains. People would be able to Create their own base which in the game lobby, people on their team can scroll through the schematics of Each Base and choose which one they like the best. This includes ally and Enemy. THe Aspects of a base will include Vehicles, Structure, Armory (Weapons that are placed around), AI Self defence, AI Robots and Water placement.

Water Would Slow Movement when walking through it, But you can swim in it and go up and down... obviously...

Air Movement will be anywhere from Hang Gliders to Bicycle Helicopters that need you to Keep peddling fast to move....

-Custom Games- Since I'd Like to make this to be as much a platform as it is a Game. It will also allow people to Make the Terrain Set Between a few different types as a part of a map. The Same way you would save a Structure, you would also save a map blue print to a Custom game that can be downloaded upon entering a lobby (Blizzard RTS style)

3) The Game Controls for any game are simple;
-War games-(in terms of Xbox 360 controllers)
LA-controls Walking,
L3-the Joystick in to run/backpeddle/etc. Also Allows you to Recover when you are stunned
L1-to Jump,
L2- (Trigger) Crouch (halfway) and Lie Down (Fully).
While in mid air you can Spin. While you land, you simply finish unless you Push L3. L3 Allows you to Recover which makes you get right back up again in a very swift but visible and flexible (Can go right into forward run or jump) animation.

-A little trick-To Roll, you must crouch, move in a direction, jump, And push forward to roll into the air. This doesnt actually allow you to jump, it just allows you a second to move in a direction. Right side,

-D pad- Give orders to AI (order them to Follow you, Stay Back, Search the Perimiter (Make sure they do not stand close to eachother) or change their general AI (Stay as a Group, Stay Solo until Ally AI is in trouble, Stay Solo at all times, set multi groups which also have their own AI)

-RA-controls Camera angle
-R3-depending on what type of Goggles/Scope/Watch you have pushing it in will give you an alternate view (Birds Eye view, Zoom in, Lock on)
-R1-Alternate Weapon (Block if sheild, Fire, Etc)
-R2-primary Weapon
-X- Switch Weapons/Cameras (Press R1, R2, or R3 to switch something else in and that out)
-Y-Roar-Roars will cause increase or decrease difficulty of Minigames for you, your allys or your enemies. However, as things decrease in difficulty, the longer they take. And the faster, the shorter. This can be held down, and so long as it is it will not end. When it is released, effects end
-A-Final Attack (Final Attacks Are Minigames that allow a Very Very Strong attack like Spirit bomb and stuff. However, they take a while to charge up  which occursby successfully completing minigames.) (if its not charged up, you are given a series of minigames you must complete which you can stop at any time.) (You are shown as dancing when you are doing this) When completed, FInal attack animations change from spirit bomb to super sayan, to assendence where you fire down things.
-B-Meditate-this allows you to see from other peoples cameras

Custom Games- You choose whatever controls you want. However the Animations will not be any different.

4) Camera-
-War Games- 1st or 3rd person views are avialable
-Custom Games-Anything from Fixed camera to adapting (zoom in/out/pan left/right/back/forward/up/down to an object or more) to Classic First Person or Overhead.

5) Game goals-

-War Games-I'm not sure how exactly I want to make each persons goal to be, but this is what I'm thinking. For every player, they have their own boundries and losing parameters... Or they can CHOOSE which they want, (Losing and Winning Parameters). First hit gets the kill?, Number of hits?, you can always recover?. Everyone has their own Minigame that they can choose. You can also choose whether you'd rather choose other peoples defeat condition (Dps) or choose your own defeat (Tank). Depending on which you choose. Your chances of getting to choose something doubles. If you want to Choose someone elses defeat condition and they dont care, your odds are 2:1 instead of 1:1. Every respawn creates a new win condition for each character.

Mini games include;
Final Hit-Whenever your hit, you must put in a button combination, if they get three in a row. you lose. THe more button combinations you complete, the more Buttons to Complete.
Perfect Timing-You have a Pendelum that swings, you Must fill a bar that depletes over time, each time you hit the Pendelum at the right time, you get an instant kill. Otherwise you must Keep attacking until you hit it.
Ring out- Everytime you are attacked, you are pushed towards an edge that is X distance from where you were hit. When you hit the center circle. The Ring Resets.
10 hits till death-Classic

Mix more minigames togethor to make teach one easier to complete for the defending player.

These minigames will make it interesting for other people because the weapons they use are their choice no matter what. But the Winning conditions are not. Also people can come up with their own minigames that could potentially be more fun the the ones available.

-Custom Games-Mix and Match Minigames to create the Ultimate "Life concept" for your game

6) AI-

-Wargames-I would Want AI to be able to be Team, Enemy, whatever. Before you start a specific Match. THey can be either Robots or Built into a Base. (Robots include Flying, Crawling [crawl through any Terrain] or Running) They all have random mingames

-Custom Games-Standard movement, etc. I want the sky to be the Limit for these.

7) Online-Every Game should be online/Multiplayer... Period.(unless you have a REALLY GOOD point) The Games

Thats all I got...
If you read this whole thing, I aplaud you.
I would like some Additions/THoughts who I can pay to make this possible... <.< lulz
I want the wisest things to happen
If you like stuff. That stuff will always exsist.... IN YOUR MIND! OH SHNAP! UNLESS U FORGETZ IT! OR SHNAP! maybe...
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