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Read the Rules to Get Access To This Forum
« on: November 22, 2006, 12:04:05 AM »
Please read these rules.  They are short and to the point.  Once you have read through all the rules, you will be told at the bottom of this post how to gain access to the posting features on this forum.

General Rules
  • Do not ask for Netplay to be added, anywhere. It's not in, and it won't be in for a while.
  • Please read the Frequently Asked Questions thread before posting any kind of question.
  • Refrain from participating in flame wars.  If you see someone post a flame, please report it to the moderators immediately.
  • If another member of the forum sends you a PM and harasses (AKA "flames") you, immediately report it to an admin or moderator.
  • Do not create more than one account (we can see your IP addresses)
  • No triple posting
  • No posting the same post more than once
  • No advertisement of your own forums
  • No excessively large signatures.  Keep it under 150 pixels high including text and images.
  • No animated signatures. They make the pages load a lot slower.  Also, no flaming other users in your signature.
  • Refrain from replying to topics created by spambots.  We clean these topics up and it is more work if there are multiple posts.
  • Stay on-topic and try to sound like you have some sense.
  • No swearing on this forum.  If you choose to, kindly censor the word in a manner of your choosing.
  • Post Count Raising is not permitted, but please refrain from accusing the person in threads.  Report it to a moderator or admin instead.  If we haven't dealt with it before you send the PM, we will settle it immediately upon receiving the PM.
  • No digging up old topics just to say a few words.  You may find old topics to add significant comments or questions, but in general, if it is more than a month old don't bump it
  • No addressing rule breaking inside the thread.  Simply report the post and the mods will deal with it.  Calling attention to posts that break rules just result in flame wars.
  • No posting conversations from other forums or instant message services.  If you have a problem with another forum or service, address it there.  It has nothing to do with us.
  • If your account was gotten into by another person and they attacked or spammed the forum using your account, you will be the one to suffer. Keep your account information safe, or you will get banned for something you didn't do. No exceptions.

Fanmade Content Forum Rules
  • The subforum for fanmade content is for fanmade content only.
    Questions about mapmaking and other things belong in the Super Mario War subforum.
  • Wrong topics in the fanmade content subforum are very likely to be deleted instead of moved.

Questions on Ports (XBOX/PSP/DS/etc)
  • Questions regarding ports of this game will not be answered on this forum.
  • We didn't create these ports so we don't know the answer to your question.
  • Questions about compiling on Linux/Mac are OK.

General Forum Ban System:
Break one of the above rules, and you will get a warning.
This is the same as what we used before, but tightened up. The system is as follows:
1 warn is strike one, with a 1-3 day ban.
2 warns gets a 5-7 day ban.
3 is two weeks.
4 is three weeks to a whole month.
once you hit 5 warns, you are permanently banned from the forums.

Blah Blah Blah Ban System:
If you break the rules enough in B^3, we'll give you an B^3 suspension of varying length depending on the user's suspension record.
Your first ban from B^3 will be one day. You will be able to see the forum, but not post in it.
All subsequent B^3 bans will double in length. If we have to ban you enough times from the B^3 subforum, you will be permamently suspended from posting in that subforum.

Ok, now send a PM to LKA or Big JM stating you read and agree with the rules.
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