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Get to it.
« on: April 18, 2008, 04:23:23 PM »
*5 Men And Vaults*
Cave : So... *sip* yep.
LKA : *sip* Yep.
Tanuki : *nods*
Elly : Yeeep.
 *gym teacher gets nutchecked*
 *L/C/T/Y go wide-eyed*
Elly : Kick of the GODS.
LKA : There goes his fun...
Cave : Not-so "blow to the face" anymore...
Tanuki : *holds up Vault* ...Power Potion.
Elly : *holds up Vault*
Cave : *holds up Vault* More than men. Men and a half.
LKA : *holds up Vault* That's like... another man.
Cave : LKA, open a border.
LKA : ...wha-
Cave : Just do it.
LKA : *opens a border* Yes, liquids flying between two borders is-
LKA : What the hell was that?
Cave : That would be a large blonde and black blur. Hopped up on Vault.
Tanuki : Half a man.
Cave : Now everyone get into that gap.
LKA : Gimme a reason why I want to...
Cave : *throws another Vault somewhere* That's my line. *leaps into border*
Elly : That teacher's still up...
LKA : ...oh God *leaps*
 *Elly/Tanuki Leap*
LKA : *closes border*
 *gym teacher charges at the now closed border, flipping over the table behind it and landing in the wall*
Teach' : ... *spies the Vault* Well where did YOU come from?
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