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Recca Pure.
« on: April 26, 2008, 12:25:25 PM »
Hopefully, someone else knows what Recca is. You should; it's an old NES shmup that's extremely rare.

Recently, someone named "Sliver X" hacked Recca and found a way to unlock everything from the get go, so you don't have to do anything except a button press or two.

Taken from his/her post on shmupsforum:

Quote from: "Sliver X"
I'm a ROM hacker (A person who edits/reverse engineers video games), and was recently poking around in Recca when I discovered the Hard and Zanki Attack modes.

At first I simply forced the game to load Hard by default, but I the method I used was severely lacking, mainly because I rendered the hidden stage select useless. So... I decided to make a proper hack of the game:

Recca - Pure


Hard/Standard game can be toggled on the title screen with Select.

Zanki Attack is now an option on the title screen (No more finger breaking, obscure code!)

Translated Sound Test (Thanks satsu and Gideon Zhi!)

New title screen (Whether this is better is up to debate).

You can download the hack here:

This is an IPS patch; you'll have to provide the original Recca ROM yourself, and apply the patch with an IPS patching utility.

That reminds me, there are two IPS patches there, corresponding to different title screens. (lots of shmupsforum members wanted the old title screen back) Nothing else.
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