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Art Request
« on: March 18, 2008, 08:43:11 PM »
Well, I was trying to draw the rest of my online personas, besides Nova, and I realized something, I need a reference to look at while drawing them. >>

Well, I have three more characters I need drawn. Here are their bios.

Code: [Select]
Evanus Taran
Branch: Marines
Brigade: 23rd Mech Unit
Rank: Major
Specialy: LW CQC  [Light Weight, Close Quarters Combat]
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Easily one of the Marines most promising mech pilots, he joined at the age of 17 for training and imediately caught on.

His father, Kilo Taran, is a mid-level mech-repair engineer for the Marines. He taught Evanus everything he knows about Mech repairs and piloting.

Evanus, with his level head and quick mind excels in CQC, not afraid to get close and personal with his opponents. His mech, Widow is a light weight model equipped with a high-accuracy, rapid-fire assault rifle with a reinforced barrel, which has a steel blade mounted on it as well. His other gun is a thin barreled shotgun, with a highly focused firing range, meant for dealing a huge amount of damage. Evanus tends to run circles around his oppenent, jabbing with the rifle blade to pierce their armor, locking them in for a bit, and then fire off a steady stream of bullets, into their inner-chassis, while taking a quick shot with his shotgun.

Evanus gives off a very 'uptight' aura. He's very strict and mature for his age, and he surely takes battle and meetings seriously, but outside of the office and off the battlefield, he is much more relaxed.

He always wears his outfit loosly, preferring comfort over appearance, letting lay messily on top of his head, which he keeps fairly short, just a few inches long. He has very pale gray eyes and a lightly tanned complexion.

Code: [Select]
Kareth is a calm, level headed writer and artist. At the age of 12, he found his first inspiration in his first girlfriend. However, things didn't work out between them and Kareth learned pain and heartbreak are by far the strongest motivators, even more than such things as love and passion. His motto is, and always has been, 'Pain gives birth to beauty.' The pain and rejection he has felt in his younger years fueled him. He did not become cold and hardened, he did not shut himself off to the world. However, he did realize the world is a harsh place, and he now sees it as his job to do as he can to improve the lives of those around him.

Still, Kareth has a bad habit of appearing cold and distant, even if he likes you. His dark gray eyes help complete the illusion of a dark, hardened soul. In truth, he feels sympathy and compassion for even the most vile of people, but still he is human, rage and anger come rarely to him, but he still can't shut them out completely. He usually keeps a serene attitude about things, very laid back, until something pushes him over the edge and he cracks. These periods of anger can last anywhere from a few moments, to a few days. During these times of anger, little can be done to calm his temper. After these bursts of anger, he usually then falls into a deep depression, the cap blowing off of the bottle which he stores his most sensitive emotions. Unchecked, these tears can last a while, but a hug from a friend or a few sweet words can soothe him when he's in this state.

Kareth usually just dresses in a plain t-shirt and blue jeans, wearing slippers around the house. He tends to give off a downtrodden look while writing, as if a family member just died, but around his friends he usually has a shy smile. He isn't considered attractive in the eyes of the 'hunk-centered media', where men are expected to have ripped, tan bodies, where as he is thin and tall, with a very light pale tan. His body is naturally built for strength, although he does nothing to tone it, still he's very fast and agile when the situation calls for it. He tends to walk and act rather delicately however.

Code: [Select]
Ona Decu- Human, 6'4, 170 lbs, lean body type, 17 years old, pale, dark, DARK brown hair [almost black], eyes change color daily, eyes turn gray when angry.

During youth Ona was a member of a wealthy family. His father was once one of Midgar's most talented blacksmith AND gunsmith. He was rumored to have helped create the original parts for the patrol parts which once patrolled Shinra HQ. Ona's mother was a very talented seamstress, she owns a small shop in Edge selling dresses and robes.

At the age of 5, Ona's father began to teach him the art of warfare. At this time Decu learned to weild both a blade and a gun. He excelled in battle which alternates between long and short distance combat. He loved the thrill of charging an opponent, guns blazing, swapping blows, jumping back... shooting again and coming back in for another charge.

However, his training was halted at the age of 13, when he discovered he had the geostigma. His parents were worried and confined him to his room, only letting the best of Midgar's doctors in to visit. None of them helped him much... Ona soon grew tired of the confinement and decided to leave in an attempt to find his own cure. He grabbed both his blade and his two favorite guns, a shotgun and a pistol, as well as a long black hooded robe.  

Ona ran away to the slums of Midgar, hoping to find an escape from his problems... He stumbled across a bar called  7th Heaven, ran by Tifa Lockhart. He visited often and became a regular there. He heard many stories of this rebel group called Avalanche and he started to seek membership. At this time Avalanche was a much larger group than it once was, almost 200 members comparing to the handful they had during the Sephiroth Incident.

Ona never made it past the lower ranks of the organization, but the constant battles and training helped keep him in shape, helped him fight off the terror that is Geostigma.

At the age of 16, (Three years under the service of Avalanche and right after the return of Sephiroth) Ona was healed along with many of the others in the area. Still to this day he wears the red ribbon on his arm, marking the geostigma victims as different than the others.

Shortly before the age of 17... Ona left Avalanche, thinking of it as a dead end now that he was healed, now he trains himself vigilantly in the streets of Edge.

Ona Decu has a total of four different outfits.
Battle w/ Robe.
Basically just him in a large, black hooded robe. Usually when he is still wearing his robe he carries only his guns in his hands, pistol in the right hand, shotgun in the left. Whenever he is wearing his battle clothes, his eyes are gray...

Battle w/o robe.
He wears two shoulderplates identical to those of cloud, the one on his left is crimson with a white cross on it. The one on his right is just plain, unpainted, steel. Without the robe on you can see the red ribbon on his left arm. The left sleeve is cut off while the right sleeve is about the length of a T-shirt's sleeve. His shirt is black. He wears baggy black jeans and black boots as well. Whenever he is wearing his battle clothes, his eyes are gray...

Whenever Ona is just walking around he wears either a red, white or black t-shirt with black baggy or slim jeans... Occasionally he wears a baseball cap, but rarely.

Code: [Select]
A level headed, bu cold hearted Black Waltz. The first of his type, he was the original Black Waltz, a prototype. Built both physically and magically strong, he excels in both hand to hand and magical warfare. Although considered the strongest Waltz, he still had his flaws. BW-P1 (Black Waltz Prototype 1), as they call him, was the first attempt with intergrating artificial intelligence in an artificial being.

Although raised and trained to be savage, BW-P1 could never be the cold-hearted killer needed. Still, he provided useful as a final test for later Black Waltz  models to pass before they coul be officially comissioned. Any Black Waltz had to hold their own under BW-P1 for atleast 15 minutes, and then undergo vigorous training under his command before they were to be given the title Black Waltz.

BW-P1's heart grew restless however, longing for freedom beyond the subterranean walls of the factory. Finally tired, no longer to take any more isolation, he left the factory one not, never to return again. Search parties were formed, but even without wings (which were given to most other Black Waltz's), he was hard to track down.

Being a factory produced Black Mage made him an outcast in most cities, so he kept traveling, looking for someplace to settle down, hiring himself out as a mercenary when needed. Nova kept wandering until the day of the Eclipse. He was wandering near the ruins of Burmecia one day as he fell upon two travelers, Rem and Jarviar. Rem was a hand to hand brawler and his older brother, Jarviar, appeared to be a hunter. Running from something, they asked BW-P1 to assist them. Moments later, the earth began to shake as a sand work emerged. It was a short fight, but the two brothers were shaken. Escorting them to Burmecia, he found that they were indeed brothers, both of them from Alexandria, looking to start a guild in the Burmecia, which is being rebuilt after Kuja.  Seeing this as a noble cause and a chance to help fix the damage wrecked upon Gaia during Kuja's attacks, Nova agrees to join this guild and assist reconstruction.

Of course, things don't always happen as is expected, and soon Nova and the two brothers find themselves in the service of the King of Burmecia. On one assignment, Nova meets a beautiful white priestess, name Aislinn. He finds himself becoming infatuated with her and when he loses her on his mission, he tracks her down, looking to find her...[/quote]
This is a new bio for Nova, for the game I'm going to be putting in production. <3
[Yes, I'm actually working on it, first couple 'chapters' of the game are done.'
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