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The Recycled Map Contest 2 Results!
« on: February 13, 2008, 11:31:44 PM »
Done again with the judging of maps. Seems we couldn't keep away from the plethora of mistakes this time around. For all those who entered, you can find your results in the quote boxes below.

Disqualified Entries:
Water Kirby's Graphic Grasslands removed an inside corner tile in the bottom left.
Beso Toxico's Heavenly Temple map not only moved the bottom left cloud tiles on a platform layer (since it moves, you're not allowed to put preset tiles on that layer) but the tiles placed there in the previous tiles' place were wrong. No way this is getting in.
Yoshi Skier's Gnarly map removed a power up block.
General Guy's Natural High map removed a breakable block. (What's with people and removing blocks in this template?)
General Guy's Wart-o-matic removed an eye candy hill tile near the bottom.

Sorry GG...only one of your maps made it this time. Funnily enough, the version of Natural High that you wanted replaced would've made it past this section...oh well.

We would've had a lot more three-template competitors this time around but disqualifications ended up dropping that number by a massive four...oops. LKA ended up being the only one who entered only a single template in.

Name (for 5 points):
  • Green Forest - Quite possibly one of the most influential levels in Sonic Adventure 2. 4Pts
  • Switching - Can't get much more original then this! 1pt
  • Cloudy Sky - Not many clouds for it to be cloudy... 2Pts
  • Treetop Tussle - It fits, and has a great ring to it. 5Pts
  • Switch Blocked Out - Definitely fits and is imaginative. 5Pts
  • Cloud City Chaos - C^3. 4Pts
  • Hidden Forest Pit - More imaginative then usual. 4Pts
  • Haunted Switch House - Does what it says. 3Pts
  • Frosty Heights - Pretty good. 4Pts
  • Jungle Bridge - Fits, though not very original. 2Pts
  • Ghostly Dungeon - I wonder where the dungeon came from. 3Pts
  • Ice Palace - Not exactly original but fits. 2Pts
Beso Toxico:
  • Battle Valley - Not a bad name. 3Pts
  • Shape Shifters - Pretty original. 4Pts
Water Kirby:
  • Tricky Mansion - It's okay. 3Pts
  • Air Temple - A bit unimaginative. 2Pts
Yoshi Skier:
  • The Attic - Not bad. 3Pts
  • Chillin' - I like the attitude this comes with. 4Pts
General Guy:
  • Mod House - Just awesome. I love your description for it. 5Pts
  • Forest Disco - OMG YUO GOTZ MOAR DEN WUN POYNT!11!111 4Pts
1st: Mod House
2nd: Switch Blocked Out
3rd: Forest Disco

Difference (for 5 points):
  • Green Forest - Interesting L-Blockage going on up there. Though some features remain unused. 4Pts
  • Switching - Ceiling, lava, platforms, pipes...what more could you change without it being too much? 5pts
  • Cloudy Sky - The hills add a unique look that didn't come with the template. 4Pts
  • Treetop Tussle - Lots of scenery, interesting waterfall, and unique paths make this much more different from what it originally looked. 5Pts
  • Switch Blocked Out - Lots of switch blocks were added, a new room and a spike pit later, it looks entirely different. 5Pts
  • Cloud City Chaos - This looks very different from what was originally intended. Great job. 5Pts
  • Hidden Forest Pit - Good use of an additional hill to plug up the pit and symmetry between the broken bridges. Not bad. 4Pts
  • Haunted Switch House - You can only barely tell this was made from a template. 5Pts
  • Frosty Heights - Ice on top, grass on the bottom, not what you'd expect from a sky map. 4Pts
  • Jungle Bridge - Nice waterfall but symmetry like this is easy to do. 2Pts
  • Ghostly Dungeon - Not much was really changed. 1Pt
  • Ice Palace - Not much was changed but the snowy atmosphere on the bottom helps. 3Pts
Beso Toxico:
  • Battle Valley - Pretty good improvement. Follows through with the design while keeping it fresh. 4Pts
  • Shape Shifters - Lots of single blocks added give it a bit more flair, but nothing much was actually changed. 2Pts
Water Kirby:
  • Tricky Mansion - A few more blocks, spikes and two pipes at least. 3Pts
  • Air Temple - Not much was really changed. 1Pt
Yoshi Skier:
  • The Attic - Just enough to make it seem more unique. 3Pts
  • Chillin' - Some ground, and a platform, but really, that's it... 2Pt
General Guy:
  • Mod House - It's interesting enough to be decent. 3Pts
  • Forest Disco - Bulky, but not bad. 3Pts
1st: Treetop Tussle
2nd: Switching
3rd: Cloud City Chaos

Simplicity (for 10 points):
  • Green Forest - The wall on the left impeded progress from the right most of the time, but the simplicity of the solid-on-top tiles in the middle made it very easy to navigate without making it seem like there's too much going on. 7Pts
  • Switching - This map is a lot more complicated then it first seems. The moving platform is solid all around and it's easy to get crushed under it, though not while on top of it thankfully. The ceiling is also a lot more awkward then it looks, at least when you're playing the top. Getting the right most power block was also more complicated then it needed to be. 4Pts
  • Cloudy Sky - The hills are kinda blinding after a while, making the area so green. However, the fact that all tiles above the main ground were drop through, made it very easy to navigate the map and really helped with flow. 6Pts
  • Treetop Tussle - The trees and such didn't seem like they would be able to be stood on but it was a really good thing that they were. Taking advantage of the wrapping like this was also a nice touch too even if you had to get used to it. 6Pts
  • Switch Blocked Out - Ugh, way too many switch blocks after playing. It made the map extremely hard to navigate and really annoying, the solid platform did not help. 2Pts
  • Cloud City Chaos - The transition from icy to normal tile types wasn't really smooth. The pipe on the right hand side was also in the way a lot. The bottomless deaths covered by switch blocks may have also been unnecessary. 3Pts
  • Hidden Forest Pit - This was fairly simple with symmetrical broken bridges and covered pit. Though the switch blocks made it a bit more of a frenzy then it should have been. 6Pts
  • Haunted Switch House - Just at first glance you wonder what's going on in here. The increase in switch blocks definitely looks unneeded, and the breakable blocks under all the others was definitely unnecessary. So much going on all at once. 3Pts
  • Frosty Heights - It wasn't overly complex, it had just the right style to it. Very nice work. 8Pts
  • Jungle Bridge - It's hard to get any simpler then this. Two hills, a bridge, and some blocks. That's it. 9Pts
  • Ghostly Dungeon - The lack of solid tile types where it seemed like it definitely should be solid was bad, then the middle most platform being totally solid was a idea idea too. The awkward placement of yellow blocks also made it seem unorthodox, but otherwise it was fairly simple. 5Pts
  • Ice Palace - Very, very simple. The ice hills on the bottom made a really tiny gap that caused things to be really hectic at times and screwed a few items up but otherwise, it was rather simple. 8Pts
Beso Toxico:
  • Battle Valley - The walls kinda made it difficult at first but flowed smoothly after a while. The large amount of hills seemed a tad unnecessary at first but seemed simple enough after a while. 7Pts
  • Shape Shifters - This was very simple, not too many switch blocks and not too many solid blocks. Only thing that killed it was the massive wall of blue blocks on the right. 8Pts
Water Kirby:
  • Tricky Mansion - Ugh, NEVER put blocks covering a warp, you initiate one of SMW's bugs that way and make it a lot harder for everyone, especially when used this way. The power blocks were also hard to get to and the spikes were way too easy to hit. 1Pt
  • Air Temple - Very nice and simple, though the awkwardness ot the pipe combined with being able to go from the left side to the right and visa versa made it weird. 8Pts
Yoshi Skier:
  • The Attic - This level was really simple, only hampered by the fact that some platforms that were easy to hit from the bottom were solid from all sides. Other then that, very simple. 8Pts
  • Chillin' - This level was extremely simple and I had no real gripes about it other then the fact that the bottom ground should've been left solid since it'll keep confusing falls and ambushes to a minimum. 8Pts
General Guy:
  • Mod House - The right most power block was hard to get used to at first because of SMW's wrapping around the sides and things on the bottom got really crazy without the donut blocks but otherwise, it was simple. 6Pts
  • Forest Disco - Very simple looking, and easy to navigate. The odd platform on the right was a bit confusing though. 8Pts
1st: Jungle Bridge
2nd: Chillin'
3rd: Frosty Heights

Fun Factor (for 10 points):
  • Green Forest - This level was quite fun, though the computers were stupid enough to go under the bridge sometimes. Otherwise though, it was a fun map to move around in and made getting power ups a fun fight in the middle, though it was cramped often. 7Pts
  • Switching - This level was fun for a while, but it quickly died down. The ceiling is just too much and it's really hard to get around the moving platform. Regardless, it isn't too bad at least. 4Pts
  • Cloudy Sky - Being able to flow easy made it really fun too. Especially with shells. Getting the bottom most power block was hard with a lot of competition so it ended up being a bait trap for the most part, but otherwise, it was pretty fun. 7Pts
  • Treetop Tussle - I really, really liked this one. This was an extremely fun map. The trees were very great to stand on, the wrapping worked wonders with the blocks and the bridge up top was not only pretty to look at with all the foilage, but made for an awesome spot to drop in and battle with others on your level. An awesome map. 10Pts
  • Switch Blocked Out - Although you got a real sense of achievement when you trapped someone in switch blocks, being trapped yourself is not fun at all, especially if it's Frag Limit because then people could trap you and get rid of the competition almost permanently that way. It was also very hard to navigate the map and without the red blocks on, it was way too easy to kill yourself on the spiked. 2Pts
  • Cloud City Chaos - It was hard dealing with the icy terrain at times and trying to go upwards without using a pipe was annoying. The flip blocks also got in the way until a shell made way with them. But overall, it wasn't too bad. 5Pts
  • Hidden Forest Pit - The spike pits made it annoying really fast when trying to keep the switch blocks solid for getting to the two power blocks. Switch hoggers and computers going crazy near the on/off blocks kept making it a chore to grab items. Thankfully it wasn't the only place to get items. Thoguh, this map also suffered from people spawning inside hills. 7Pts
  • Haunted Switch House - For what it's worth, it was really fun playing this. The switch blocks were all over the place but the new ones, except for the ones on the very bottom, were in good, stragedic places. Just the right amount of power blocks in the right places too, and the bottom most path was fun to sneak around in. 8Pts
  • Frosty Heights - This ended up being a very, very fun map. I don't know why. I loved it, my only gripe was the the ice platforms made it a bit harder to move around on the top then it should've been but nthe reward for power blocks was worth it. 9Pts
  • Jungle Bridge - The fact that the walls were intangible meant for easy traversing down but awkward look so I'm not sure what to think there. However, once the breakable blocks were gone, and trust me, they were gone very quick, the power blocks became useless, being unable to be hit without lots of assistance and timing, and by then, it only became useful to your opponents so the power blocks were very situational. After the breakable and blue throw blocks were gone, all it really became was just two platforms, not very fun. 2Pts
  • Ghostly Dungeon - The eternal drop with the yellow blocks was a key point in battle when it really shouldn't have been, it made the game a basis of who dropped first. It was also pretty confusing at times and hard to get around. Lack of items only made the eternal drop seem worse. 3Pts
  • Ice Palace - The only way to get to the top of the map was through pipe, unless you had a cape or were respawning. This meant that with pipe locks in place, people could easily dominate the upper area with easy to get items and made controlling the map really hard or really easy depending on if you get up there or not. I totally dominated this map, it really isn't meant for balanced play. 4Pts
Beso Toxico:
  • Battle Valley - This was rather fun. The blue throw blocks ran out quickly but the hilly terrain made for a real diverse match. 7Pts
  • Shape Shifters - The wall of blue blocks tended to lock players in seperate rooms which made it really hard to get to them without screwing yourself over, creating stalemates. However, when people weren't locked in other rooms, the terrain and switch blocks made for one of the most fun item-less experiences I have ever had. 7Pts
Water Kirby:
  • Tricky Mansion - The glitch makes the pipe near useless until you clear out ALL the blocks, which is a lot. Makes it very time consuming. The huge process just to keep yourself and others from constantly losing points to the spikes was also ludicrous, and made it even worse when it was made so easy to crumble down with almost no hope of bringing it back up. 2Pts
  • Air Temple - This was pretty fun. Just the right amount of power blocks and the icy platforms up above made going up a bit hazardous, which made it more rewarding when you got exactly what you wanted. 8Pts
Yoshi Skier:
  • The Attic - This level was pretty fun. The race for the power blocks was intense and the blue throw blocks, once one was used, were all over the place. Overall, great level design. 8Pts
  • Chillin' - This level was very fun, though the tops of the power blocks were a bit hard to get to sometimes. Other then that, it was good, clean fun. Not the best but nice and simple. 7Pts
General Guy:
  • Mod House - This map was great fun once I figured out how to effectively use the power block on the right, then sorta failed once the spiked on the bottom took over the entire match. The pipe was fun to use even if it was underused and was great play when players were battling in the middle corridor. 7Pts
  • Forest Disco - The really odd glitch where players spawned inside the ground on the left was very annoying. However, the rest of the map was fun, simple and the great amount of blue throw blocks, while easily abusable, made for a fun match. 8Pts
1st: Treetop Tussle
2nd: Frosty Heights
3rd: Haunted Switch House

1st: Treetop Tussle - 26/30
2nd: Forest Disco - 23/30
3rd: Green Forest - 22/30
4th: Battle Valley - 21/30
5th: Hidden Forest Pit - 21/30
6th: Jungle Bridge - 15/30

1st: The Attic - 22/30
2nd: Mod House - 21/30
3rd: Shape Shifters - 21/30
4th: Haunted Switch House - 19/30
5th: Switch Blocked Out - 14/30
6th: Switching - 14/30
7th: Ghostly Dungeon - 12/30
8th: Tricky Mansion - 9/30

1st: Frosty Heights - 25/30
2nd: Chillin' - 21/30
3rd: Cloudy Sky - 19/30
4th: Air Temple - 19/30
5th: Ice Palace - 17/30
6th: Cloud City Chaos - 17/30

Per Author:
Chaos: 22+14+19/3 = 18/30
Midna: 26+14+17/3 = 19/30
pikaguy900: 21+19+25/3 = 21/30
ssf5: 15+12+17/3 = 14/30
Beso Toxico: 21+21/2 = 21/30
Water Kirby: 9+19/2 = 14/30
Yoshi Skier: 22+21/2 = 21/30
General Guy: 21/30
LKA: 23/30

1st: Treetop Tussle - 26/30
2nd: Frosty Heights - 25/30
3rd: Forest Disco - 23/30
4th: The Attic - 22/30
5th: Green Forest - 22/30
6th: Mod House - 21/30
7th: Chillin' - 21/30
8th: Battel Valley - 21/30
9th: Shape Shifters - 21/30
10th: Hidden Forest Pit - 21/30
11th: Air Temple - 19/30
12th: Cloudy Sky - 19/30
13th: Haunted Switch House - 19/30
14th: Ice Palace - 17/30
15th: Cloud City Chaos - 17/30
16th: Jungle Bridge - 15/30
17th: Switch Blocked Out - 14/30
18th: Switching - 14/30
19th: Ghostly Dungeon - 12/30
20th: Tricky Mansion - 9/30

Congratulations to Midna, Yoshi Skier and pikaguy900 for having the highest scoring maps! Consolation congrats to LKA for being third overall, too bad he didn't get first in the template he entered in. All three of you get free map requests, and as a bonus, Midna can PM me for a special title if they want it, for the overall winner. Please PM me your requests if you want them.

To everyone else, thank you for participating and entering your maps! It was so wonderful seeing aspiring mappers take the challenge and so many come out on top. If I do another Recycled Map Contest, I hope to see all of you participating again!

You can find a zip of all participating maps, including those that were disqualified, here:

(Note: I may be late on a lot of map requests until I'm finished with things this weekend!)

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Re: The Recycled Map Contest 2 Results!
« Reply #1 on: February 13, 2008, 11:38:55 PM »
Wow. JJ, you deserve a standing o for this one. You've put a ton of work into this. Your feedback is extremely helpful. I can't thank you enough for the work that you've put into this. All I can say is thanks for the effort. It comes shining through here.
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Re: The Recycled Map Contest 2 Results!
« Reply #2 on: February 13, 2008, 11:53:22 PM »
Oh man, only ONE POINT? I lost by only ONE POINT? Dang, that's good. :D Much better than I had ever expected. Oh, and sorry for the mess that was Haunted Switch House. I like it hard. It's my major downfall. :/

Now, I have one last thing to say:

I request, no.... DEMAND that there be another Recycled Map Contest. :D This is FUN. :) I want to see more templates to throw me off. :D

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Re: The Recycled Map Contest 2 Results!
« Reply #3 on: February 14, 2008, 07:24:35 AM »
My maps did better than I expected though.

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Re: The Recycled Map Contest 2 Results!
« Reply #4 on: February 14, 2008, 07:41:29 AM »
I excpected to lose :/ Atleast I got a couple of 8 pointers

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Re: The Recycled Map Contest 2 Results!
« Reply #5 on: February 14, 2008, 08:10:32 AM »

arrrgh, i hate those damned sloppy mistakes of mine
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Re: The Recycled Map Contest 2 Results!
« Reply #6 on: February 15, 2008, 08:30:17 AM »
I thought I didn't do anything wrong...
I guess I should have triple checked the temple map...
oh well, seems unbiased enough judgement...just glad I didn't suck hard, but I really hoped on doing better.

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Re: The Recycled Map Contest 2 Results!
« Reply #7 on: February 15, 2008, 07:51:46 PM »
Hey, whaddya know...? I, a newcomer to the SMW map community, manage to beat out mapping masters like General Guy to win my first ever Recycled Map Contest!

*looks at Treetop Tussle* I knew you were destined for fame. :Twik:

(tbh I'm not exactly that proud of Switch Blocked Out myself - while I do like to be able to trap people, sometimes it's annoying when you're stuck in an alcove and forced to miss out on the action. :/)
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Re: The Recycled Map Contest 2 Results!
« Reply #8 on: May 22, 2008, 10:01:44 AM »
Oh my...
I never known contests like this would be judged very...detailed and professional.