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Author Topic: [skins,maps,mods] rerosmw's palace.taking requests!  (Read 2069 times)

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[skins,maps,mods] rerosmw's palace.taking requests!
« on: March 20, 2008, 09:16:13 PM »
Warning:do not claim as you were the one to create any of these skins or maps.

[spoilers:3paiw3hd]Skins pack project:super smash bros brawl.
Skins for the project in order coming up
R.O.B sentry
bohorhas (i think thats his name)
meta ridley
pig king statue
master hand
crazy hand
ancient minister
Smash ball
trophy stand
dark bowser
Tabuu w/wings
SSBB sonic
SSBB snake
SSBB mario
Super sonic
Giga bowser
Toon link
Volt tackle
Ganon beast

this skin pack should be done in like about 5-6 months but now you can enjoy my skins and maps[/spoilers:3paiw3hd]

ill take skin requests and map requests 100%.

Rerosmw's Maps
2 top to below:play on two platforms.jump on the ground to avoid the skull squishing you into pieces or battle on the skull platform for a devestating fight in air.make sure to warp to different sides.

block madness:touching the end of the stage is fine on blocks.but be careful.pull tricks on ur friends by hitting the blocks for disappearing the blocks and let ur opponent touch the ground then he dies.its a death on the end match.better stay on the middle block!!!

DS package:play on a blue DS and a green DS playing on different parts of the level.just to mention to not try to touch the top of the stylus.

changing colors:the green tiles move up and down while you find ur way to destroy these colored blocks and make ur opponent touch the end to death.

holographic:its the best tag level ever!!!teleport from the tagged one using wood as pipes.warp again and again till you cant stop and never get tagged.

skull rampage:a level for beginners.well sort of.jump from block to block while avoiding skulls.note:these are not death skulls.

nintendo wii:teleport from tv to outside where you jump on the wii.note:the item blocks are fake.it could mean a trick to jumping on your opponent

kongo jungle:the regular smash hit of kongo jungle.avoid the water for good luck!!!no items like DK style!!!

flinging objects:get ready for more avoiding when you try this crazy map.go up on the non rubber platforms meanwhile ride the green dangerous ride

ultimate barriers:use the buttons to cancel the shields.what happens if you go on the side of the button.maybe something good.

Deserted earthquake:Egypt is tumbling down and the arena is the disaster.play on 3 sorts of blocks meanwhile the item block and the falling pillars will try to confuse you.

Guitar hero:put your guitar in,play this level and be amazed.a level of Guitar hero has arrvied to the super mario wars with a guitar and the gameplay on right.i can tell this is battle mode since in fact an item block is there.

Pokemon Stadium (1/10 stages completed.no tournament and music yet):the original pokemon stadium from SSBM.

Hell unleashed:escape hell by going through 5 obstacle courses to get to the gates of heaven.the 1st course will make you invisible to the grey spikes but the block spikes will kill you if you go below them.the 2nd course wants to tell you to not touch the boiling water and proceed to the green button.jump to it.3rd course leaves you with a bunch of ice.grab the ice blocks and shoot it out.hope again you do not touch the boiling water.the 4th course is easy.Run!!!.the 5th course gives players items to use for opponents to send them back to the start and 1 item block will be the path to the gates but be careful of the skulls or its over.now you got to heaven.enjoy and relax while others have a hard time with it.

Top it off Masters:For players who can escape and come back to the top or know what they are doing will have a tough challenge with this one.Stay on the letter "M" and use the buttons to block your foe from getting the treasure or if on another button teleport from the top of the button.the player who press the item block will have items transfered to players or thier teammates next to the pipe and will use on other players.if teleported to the spikes jump to the free space.there is a secret passage between these spikes and you may find it.

Crushed sweepstakes:you won a broom but a dangerous one.now it havocs the room.hide under the pipes and don't jump or the skulls will kill you.this broom also sweeps players into the note blocks to get crushed.jump on the broom and protect it from all other players.

Chaos emeralds:Unleash the power of super sonic!!!
Note:the pale blue and the red emerald is there but in the screenshots it shows a little of it.

Game and watch:who would know that such a famous character from the smash bros series would become a level.well guess what??? It is!!! Jump on him meanwhile you go down the stairs and avoid your enemies.find a position to jump on your opponent.

Blue concert:im blue abo dee abo dai!!! a river is behind these blue switches!!!

Eruption:the volcano is erupted and the battle has begun.with crazy path and switches and skulls around the eruption may be the best map for classic battles!!!

Concetration DS:the super mario 64 DS mini-game has arrvied to super mario wars.a different character has replaced wario.too bad!!!

Saw-underwater chamber:(jigsaw speaking) hello there SMW player.i saw you fought well.well i knocked you out and put you into this chamber to die.the only way to escape is the rock of hope.if you fall deep into the water you will die.now let the games begin!!!

Hyrule temple with a crazy twist:a fun twisted version of the hyrule temple.jump and grab snowballs to shoot at your opponents.crazy triforces with secret stuff inside.how crazy could this get???

Fire & Ice:now you must choose between fire or ice by choosing a pipe.each side has a unique path to jump to the block.press the block and the mystery blocks should replace the switch blocks.you can slip to death by the mystery blocks or something else!!![/spoilers:3paiw3hd]

Rerosmw's Skins
Eyeball (human)

Black mage (Final fantasy/Mario hoops 3 on 3)

Mr.Luigi (Super Paper Mario)

Wii remote (Warning:may piss you off) (Wii)

Primid (SSBB)

fret button (guitar hero)

Spaak (SSBB)

Poppant (SSBB)

Mr.Game & Watch (game & watch collection)[/spoilers:3paiw3hd]

Rerosmw's super mario wars Modifications

Working on

15 skins
[no image yet]
Bytan (SSBB)

Slash (Guns n Roses)

[no image yet]
Jigsaw (SAW) (part of the exclusive saw package coming up

[no image yet]
Dry bones (mario)

Kirby (kirby)

Chibobo (mario)

[no image yet]
Sophia (counter force)

[no image yet]
Matoran (bionicle)

[no image yet]
King bomb-omb (mario)

[no image yet]
greap (SSBB)

[no image yet]
Tumble (mario party)

[no image yet]
Kratos (god of war)

[no image yet]
Doggy (Nintendo Dogs)

[no image yet]
Clank (ratchet and clank)

[no image yet]
Ness (Earthbound)

8 maps
Saw the game Tourney (1/10):the games has just begun
Olympic Contest/vault:watch them compete!!!
Rainbow bowl:pound them in the rainbow
Sand oasis (sonic and the secret rings):make believe you born!!!
75M:Kick Donkey kong off and control the rest
Onett:a quiet city.nice!!!
Through the fire and flames:comes with the music too!!!
Bunch Of circle dudes:who are these homies???

2 Mods
Super mario land wars
Mario slam wars

Skin requests
3 spaces for skin requests are avaliable

Map requests
5 spaces for map requests are avaliable
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Re: [skins,maps] rerosmw's palace of skins and maps
« Reply #1 on: March 21, 2008, 09:32:48 AM »
Can't you just post them here?

Also, use spellcheck on your word processor before typing your stuff into the website.
Old stuff.
Older stuff.
Most popular map] Shy Guy\'s Toy Box, with 17 DLs
Most popular upload: Hi-Res Cream, with 27 DLs
Most commented upload: Sonic Rush, with 1 comment
(There was a Shy Guy army image here, but TinyPic said "screw that".)

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Re: [skins,maps] rerosmw's palace of skins and maps
« Reply #2 on: March 23, 2008, 09:50:59 PM »
i posted the maps!!! ill post the skins next!!!
EDIT:when i come back (because i have work to do) ill post new maps

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Re: [skins,maps] rerosmw's palace of skins and maps
« Reply #3 on: March 24, 2008, 06:13:51 PM »
do it! do it! do it! do it! do it!
I\'m a....

click on the pic to see what pokemon YOU are!

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Re: [skins,maps] rerosmw's palace of skins and maps
« Reply #4 on: March 24, 2008, 06:53:47 PM »
i came back.im doing the maps now.i finished the MR.luigi skin so im posting it up now.by the way how do you take screenshots of your maps in level editor?
i forgot the button to taking the photos

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Re: [skins,maps] rerosmw's palace of skins and maps
« Reply #5 on: March 24, 2008, 07:01:15 PM »
I\'m a....

click on the pic to see what pokemon YOU are!

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Re: [skins,maps] rerosmw's palace of skins and maps
« Reply #6 on: March 24, 2008, 07:22:57 PM »
Just push the [Insert] button located on the top-right of your keyboard. No visual confirmation, but it creates a screenshot in the maps/screenshots directory, three actually, use the one that says preview.

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Re: [skins,maps] rerosmw's palace of skins and maps
« Reply #7 on: March 24, 2008, 07:32:11 PM »
thanks for the info.although my keyboard does not have the key "insert" so ill try figuring myself.posting new skin.
Edit:Posted pokemon stadium!!!
ill do the pokemon stadium event stages will come in order:water,forest,rock,fire
if im done with all ill post the stages with the tourney.

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Re: [skins,maps] rerosmw's palace of skins and maps
« Reply #8 on: March 25, 2008, 08:06:35 PM »
Time to celebrate guitar hero on tour to being created with a skin and map

Edit:spaak skin and hell unleashed level posted
Edit 2:posted 3 new maps
Edit 3:taking requests.added 4 new maps and working now on the poppant skin
Edit 4:Poppant skin done!!!
Edit 5:New mod coming up before i do more skins,maps and requests!!!