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» How to create fan made content - New Members Please Read
« on: August 12, 2006, 07:32:42 PM »
How to make a skin:

Step 1: Find the palette. It should be under the directory gfxpacksClassicpalette.bmp .

Step 2: Open up MS Paint, Photoshop or whatever you use to edit images.

Step 3: Copy and paste palette.bmp into the image editor and blow it up so it's really huge (but not too big so it's 2000x2000)

Step 3. Open up your image editor again so you have two Photoshop/Paint/Whatever windows.

Step 4: See those pink columns on the right of the palette? Use an ink-dropper-like tool to copy that color.

Step 5: Go to your second image editor. Use a Fill-With-Color tool and fill the white box with that pink color that you copied.

Step 6: USE THE PALETTE TO CREATE A SPRITE. Use the ink-dropper-like tool to copy the color you want, and start creating your sprite. The first two sprites should be a walking sprite, the third one should be a jumping sprite, the fourth should be a "skidding" sprite, the fifth should be a death sprite, and the final sprite should be a "flattened" sprite.

Step 7: If you want your sprite to have team colors, use the color red somewhere in the sprite. Use it in hair, clothing, skin, ect.


Step 9: If you did steps 1-8 correctly, you should have a decent (and useable) sprite.
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« Reply #1 on: August 12, 2006, 07:40:35 PM »
Tours 101:

(Note: this section will be relatively obsolete when 1.7 is out.)

The basic coding for a tour is this:


Words with *'s in them are just to tell you what to put in.

*MAP*: The map you're going to play.
*MODE*: What mode you're going to use.*
*GOAL*: How many points you're suppossed to get.
*POINTS*: How many points that match is worth.
*BONUS WHEEL SPIN*: How many times you spin the bonus wheel.
*TOUR STOP NAME*: The name of the tour stop.

*Modes you can use (use the number for the mode):
0 = Classic
1 = Frag
2 = Time Limit
3 = Jail
4 = Coins
5 = Stomp
6 = Yoshi's Eggs
7 = Capture the Flag
8 = Chicken
9 = Tag
10 = Star
11 = Domination
12 = King of the Hill
13 = Race
14 = Owned
15 = Frenzy
16 = Survival

Here's an example of a tour:

Affe,4,20,1,0,Tour Stop 1
0smw,7,10,1,0,Tour Stop 2
Mountains,6,15,1,0,Tour Stop 3
Greden,8,250,1,0,Tour Stop 4
Sky realm,0,15,1,0,Tour Stop 5
Pillars_of_glory,15,25,1,0,Tour Stop 6
Crystal caverns,16,20,1,1,Final Stop
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(No subject)
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2006, 06:08:57 AM »
How to Make a Filter

1. Open an empty text file.
2. Copy the following text into the top of the text file:


3. Leave an empty line afterwards, then type in:


4. Next open gfxpacksClassicmenumenu_map_flags.png.
5. The icon in the top left is 00. The one to the right of it is 01. Each icon is numbered in this way up to number 119 in the bottom right corner.
6. In the text file, below #Icon, type the number of the icon you wish to use.
7. Leave an empty line, then type:


8. Below that, type in the name of the map to be included in the filter.
9. Finally save the text file in the filters subdirectory as whatever you want the filter to appear as in the game.
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« Reply #3 on: August 13, 2006, 10:15:49 AM »

When you open leveleditor.exe, the first thing you'll see is the first map in the maps folder (Usually 0smw). You probably want to make a new map, so press the [N] key to bring up the Map Name dialog. Type the name of your new map and press [Enter] to create it.

[N]: Create New Map

Now you have a blank map. Let's add some tiles. Press [T] to bring up the tileset. Click a tile to select it and return to the previous screen. Click and drag on a tileset to select multiple tiles. Click the numbers at the bottom to scroll through the tile pages. When you have selected a tile, left-click anywhere on the map to place a tile there. Right-click to delete tiles.

[T]: Tile Mode

Sometimes, tiles won't look good next to each other. You may have to use layers to make it look better. Press [Y] to change layers. The number in the top left corner shows which layer you're using. 0 is on the very bottom, and 3 is on the very top. Tiles on a lower number will appear to be behind tiles on a higher number. In addition, players will walk behind non-solid tiles on layers 2 or 3. Press to make layers you're not using invisible. Press [O] to drop tiles to the lowest available layer.

[Y]: Change Layers
U]: Hide Inactive Layers
[O]: Optimize Layers

Sometimes, you'll want to make a tile do something other than the default action. Press [L] to access Tile Type Mode. Now you can change the way the tiles behave. You can also make blank spaces act like tiles. This is very fun to abuse. :P

[L]: Tile Type Mode

Maybe you put a tile in the wrong spot. Have no fear, Move Mode is here! Press [M] to access it. Click and drag the left mouse button to select an area, or hold [Ctrl] and use the left mouse button to select freehand. Hold [Shift] while selecting to select multiple areas. Right click to deselect. Click and drag any selected areas to move them. Press [Delete] to delete the selected areas. Press [C] to copy the selected areas.

[M]: Move Mode

Keep in mind that the ? block in the tileset will not produce items, the note block will not bounce players, etc.. To access blocks that actually work, press . Blocks are treated as a separate layer, so you can place them on top of other tiles. Press [V] to make all the blocks invisible.

: Interaction Blocks
[V]: Hide Interaction Blocks

Maybe you've played a map that has pipes you can go into, or other kinds of warps. To create these, press [W]. Remember, players warp into the arrows. To make a player warp downwards into a pipe facing up, place an upward facing arrow covering the top pipe tile.

[W]: Warp Mode

Now, let's make some moving platforms. Press [P] to access Platform Mode. A list of all platforms in the map comes up. Click a number to edit that platform, or click New to create a new one. On the platform edit screen, you can bring up the tileset and place tiles to create the platform. Press [P] again to modify the path the platform takes. Left click to place the platform's starting point, and right-click to place the platform's ending point. Press [Esc] to return to the editing screen. Press [+] and [-] to increase or decrease the platform's speed, respectively. Press [Esc] to return to the platform list. Press [C] to check the platform's path and see that it is moving the way you want. Press [Delete] to delete a platform. Platform editing takes practice, so don't get frustrated if you have trouble at first.

[P]: Platform Mode

Now, let's change the little details. Press [X] or [Y] to specify places where players or items (such as Yoshi Eggs) cannot appear, respectively.

[X]: No Player Spawn Area
[Z]: No Item Spawn Area

Press to bring up the background list. Press [Up] and [Down] to scroll through the list. Left click to select a background and its respective music category, or right click to select just the background.

: Change Background

Press [R] to change the music category. Try to select a category that matches your map's theme.

[R]: Change Music Category

Press [E] to bring up the Eyecandy dialog. You can tell the game to display floating clouds or ghosts on the map. This has no real bearing on gameplay, other than being distracting.

[E]: Change Eyecandy

If at any time you decide you want to start over, press [Ctrl] and [Delete] to clear the map.

When you're done, press to save the map, or [Shift] and to Save As.

: Save map

If you want to bring up an existing map, press [F] and type in a search string. Press [F] to find maps that match your search string. You can also scroll the list of maps one by one with [PgUp] and [PgDn].

[F]: Find Map
[PgUp]: Previous Map
[PgDn]: Next Map

Maybe you want to send your map to others. They might want to preview it before they download. Press [INSERT] to take a screenshot of the map, including platforms and the paths they take. To send this screenshot to others, you can attach it to an email, send it over an IM service such as AIM, or use an image host like ImageShack to get the screenshot onto the Internet.

[Insert]: Screenshot

Remember, the most helpful key in the level editor is [F1]. If at any time you forget something I told you, just press [F1].
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« Reply #4 on: August 15, 2006, 07:52:17 PM »
Color Codes

A description of the different colors.

Primary Team Color

Light color - Red: 255, Green: 0, Blue: 0
Medium color - Red: 192, Green: 0, Blue: 0
Dark color - Red: 128, Green: 0, Blue: 0

Changes to:
Red, Green, Yellow, or Blue depending on what team you're playing on.

Skin Color

Light color - Red: 255, Green: 255, Blue: 0
Medium color - Red: 192, Green: 192, Blue: 0
Dark color - Red: 128, Green: 128, Blue: 0

Changes to:
A flesh-tone color. Use the light color and add shading with the medium and dark colors, otherwise your character will look sunburnt.

Shoe/Hair Color

Light color - Red: 0, Green: 255, Blue: 0
Medium color - Red: 0, Green: 192, Blue: 0
Dark color - Red: 0, Green: 128, Blue: 0

Changes to:
A brownish color that can be used for shoes, brown hair, or blonde hair. For brown, use the dark color and add lighting with the medium color. For yellow/blonde, use the light color and add shading with only the medium color.


Light color - Red: 0, Green: 255, Blue: 255
Medium color - Red: 0, Green: 192, Blue: 192
Dark color - Red: 0, Green: 128, Blue: 128

Changes to:
The light color will change to a pure white (recommended for eyes), while the medium and dark colors become two shades of beige.

Pants Color
Light color - Red: 0, Green: 0, Blue: 255
Medium color - Red: 0, Green: 0, Blue: 192
Dark color - Red: 0, Green: 0, Blue: 128

Changes to:
A blue color, unless you're on the Blue team, then it will change to red.

Secondary Team Color

Light color - Red: 192, Green: 192, Blue: 255
Medium color - Red: 128, Green: 128, Blue: 255
Dark color - Red: 64, Green: 64, Blue: 255

Changes to:
If your playing on team:
Red, this color becomes yellow.
Green, this color becomes red.
Yellow, this color becomes blue.
Blue, this color becomes purple.

Other Colors

Outline - Red: 128, Green: 128, Blue: 128
Background - Red: 255, Green: 0, Blue: 255

When you're done, outline your character using the outline color (this will turn white when you are shielded, and black when you're not) , and if you haven't done so already, fill the background with the background color.
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« Reply #5 on: August 17, 2006, 08:55:05 AM »

In order for your skins to be included with the game, they must meet a few criteria.

1.  First of all, make sure that the skin SHOWS UP when you try to use it.  If skins are not bitmap files (.bmp) or they are not 192x32 and in 24-bit color depth, they will not work with the game.  This is kind of a no-brainer, but I might as well cover all the bases.

2.  They must be TEAM COLORED, and preferably ONLY USE COLORS IN THE TOP ROW OF PALETTE.BMP so that they look good with a Star or when shielded, tagged, etc.  We also ask that they utilize the various shades in the palette to create a SNES-style shading effect, although there are some unshaded skins included with the game already, so you never know.

3.  Skins MUST BE LOW-RESOLUTION STYLE to be included.  In other words, if you resize the image to half-size (in both dimensions), it should look exactly the same as it did before (except of course it will be smaller).  A good way to get this effect is to start at half-size (96x16 pixels) and then double the size of the skin in both the X and Y dimensions.

4.  Skins should fill up as much of the available space as possible.  Little skins, flat skins, or skinny skins will probably not be added.

5.  Skins that could be construed as blatantly offensive will not be added.

If I've forgotten anything, PM me and I will add it.
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Using Frame Guidelines (hint)
« Reply #6 on: November 30, 2006, 11:19:58 AM »
Some good information for beginners and probably those curious:

1. Prepare your skin normally the way you would (192x32, pink bkgd, etc.)

2. This time, at every 32 pixels, draw a vertical black line like shown:

(For people lazy enough, just download this image as "*.bmp".)

3. When you are done creating your skin, do not forget to erase the frame guidelines.
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« Reply #7 on: November 30, 2006, 11:45:52 AM »

This is the template that I use to make my low-res skins.

1. Open the template and draw your skins.

2. Change all green to the background purple color.

3. Stretch template to 2x the size.
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« Reply #8 on: December 29, 2006, 08:55:58 PM »
THE COLOR (192, 192, 192)

This shade of gray, when shielded, turns white.  At all other times, however, it becomes transparent.

Just thought I'd point it out because not many people seem to know about it.
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« Reply #9 on: December 31, 2006, 08:15:51 PM »
Since some people need help for maps, I made this tutorial.>_>

Map-making tips:

The flow

Stay on one kind of tile. If you have grass tiles, it would be best if you stay with grass, unless it is for a specific reason. Never put alot blue blocks or interactive blocks. It will make it slow and boring.


Usually put 1-4 blocks in a map. Have right amount of lava, spikes and death pits so we can move without dieing all the time and slowing it down.In other words, never overdo something in your map!

All maps need to have ways to move and get blocks . Never but blocks on item blocks, It gets annyoing to get. Never put a death tile on a block, it will take most of your lives to get it. Look at Smw fans maps, it is not so hard that you will lose 5 lives, it should usually be at least 1 or 2 lives to risk.


                    Platforms are fun, but use it right. Dont put a flying  mushroom tile moving left and right without a bottom. I.E: If I use spikes, it would look an be better to use it with an end. If a platform takes you to the outside of the level, it might not be fun. A platform can lead you to a great place, sometimes it may not. They can intersect if used right.


Warps are fun for mazes, but dont put a lot of them and dont put 20 pipes that lead to the other pipes. I.E if you put a pipe connected to 6 pipes it ill be boring. Remember you need to warps things to go in a normal pipe right. For a big one 3 [I think] and small one. If a pipe leads you to blocks, make it hard to get. Dont put on/off blocks all over the entrance.

                        Some blocks look right together, sometimes not.Usually if you put tiles on an on/off blocks and its off it looks wrong[if it is a hill]  Never but tiles inside blocks.If you have trouble putting tiles together, try using layers. NOTE:Layer 0 goes under layer 1; layer 1 goes under 2 ect.

                           Each map works best in a certain mode. like if you are in a castle, use survival. Grass stage: stomp,star sometimes, classic, frag, tag, domination some times,ime and king of the hill sometimes, and frenzy.
Ice: tag, king of the hill, star, classic domination, frag,time,stomp sometimes,chicken,and frenzy sometimes.

Airship: clasic, frenzy,time,and stomp sometimes.
cave: same as airship and chicken and tag.

                             Tile types
Always have these. If there is a death part put no player spawn mode.  If you want a jump through tile use the green like tiles. Remember to not put invisible death tiles, they can be annoying.
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« Reply #10 on: January 26, 2007, 11:42:44 PM »
The SMW palette explained (for skins):

from Exor's helpful hints.
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« Reply #11 on: January 27, 2007, 10:29:41 PM »
Let me add a bit to the explanation of the palette, for people who might want to tweak it.

The top row of pixels contains the colors that skins should use, as explained above.  After that, there are four sections of eight rows each.  These correspond to the four players, so if you change the colors in the first section, player 1 will look different, and so on.

Within each section, the rows are as follows:

1: Regular coloring.
2, 3, and 4: Flashing when invincible.
5: Shielded.
6: Tagged!
7: Ztarred!
8: Shine Get!
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« Reply #12 on: March 03, 2007, 09:10:09 AM »

1- First open, preferably, the largest tileset. The medium works too, but the largest is best.

2- Find an area you want to edit. Make sure that anytime you edit a tileset, if you want to have something in it that you want included from another image is copied previously.

3- Paste your selection from the other image(if you aren't copying something, skip this step). If it is not sized correctly, resize it to match, and put it in. If doubling an image from 16x16 on MS Paint, right-click on the selection, click "Stretch/Skew", and where it says 100 on the top two boxes, change it to 200. Also, make sure that you have your selection EXACTLY on top of the previous image, and in the 32 x 32 grid (16 x 16 for the medium tileset). Then, repeat everything before this in this step until you have everything you want changed, changed.* For copying, you're done! The small tileset isn't used in SMW, unless you want the thunbnails. You can fix it too if you want.

4- For those of you editing on your own, edit it, and put it in the opposing tileset.

      *Large - Copy it all and paste it right there. Resize the copy and paste it in the medium tileset.
      *Medium - Copy it all and paste it into the large tileset. Resize it to match.

^NOTE: Always, when copying, make sure the tiles overlap correctly. Otherwise, you will see errors in the game with the images (I.E.: Miscellaneous pixels out of space, etc). And, as a side note, do not ever delete the "tileset.tls" item in the maps folder. Otherwise, the game won't display any graphics used in the tilesets.
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« Reply #13 on: May 07, 2007, 09:55:31 PM »
Tips for GFX and mapmaking
1. Do not stretch your skin to make it small enough or to make it Low-Res. Custom would be the best option.
2. A good skin would use red (for team color)somewhere with a dark gray outline.(for sheild)
3. Putting your name on it is a good idea.(EX: KingPepe_Somari) The _ will NOT count anything before it.
4. Use the current version's editor not other SMWar editions of the game. Otherwise, the editions map won't work on the current version. (Ex.Making a map with The April Fools Editon Editor won't work with the normal 1.7)
5. Make sure the skin doesn't have one sprite on another. (EX: Part of the standing sprite on the the walking sprite) This indicates the sprite is too wide.
6. Make sure the skin works perfectly unless you're glitching it up (for fun)
So have fun
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« Reply #14 on: May 07, 2007, 10:15:04 PM »
Make skins as unique as possible; (don't have the slide frame just a flipped)

EX: I have machines in my thread. A jumping frame doesn't look exactly like a standing frame; in one, a spring like thing pushes out to jump, and in one, the treads on it bend like in Metal Slug to jump. Only "squish" actual flesh-EX: if you make a robot(like robot sonic) don't just stretch it, be creative and make it realistisc(think, what would happen if I jumped on a robot?) Any seemingly indestructable area needs not to be "squished" EX: my meta knight holding a sword-his sword doesn't get squished, just his body.

Try to make most skins have a secondary color on it, it will be more popular(never put more secondary than primary.)

A good way to make custom skins work well is to start out with a Low-res skin, then correct anything you don't like. :wink:

Something to think about-at the end of a battle, the winner is displaying the jump frame, and losers display the "death" frame.

Fireballs and hammers spawn around the middle-right area of the frame(my tank spawns these out of it's turret.. A cape attaches near the middle-left. The crown displayed for winners is not exactly in the middle-top, a little to the right.

Never move the jump frame up a bit...practice a bit with the 0smw skin and examine how things work. Good luck guys! :D
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