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The Suggestions Thread v2.5
« on: July 31, 2006, 04:49:56 PM »
Here we go again... again!  This time the list will be broken up into the first three posts in the thread because the list in its entirety broke the forum.  (Sheesh, don't you guys have anything better to do?  :P)

New ideas?  Anyone remember anything I miss?  Post it here.  Please don't put anything important (like the name of your new mode) in the post subject, and rather include it in the main body of your post.

Please make sure you read THE WHOLE LIST and all replies underneath before posting anything else.

Any idea that actually makes it into the game will be removed from this listing.  Ideas that have been added to the official feature request list but are not yet implemented will remain on this list so people don't suggest them again.


Stuff that lots of people have already suggested:

Netplay (this is THE most oft-suggested thing)
Better AI
Climbable tiles (vines, ladders, etc.)
Having "Up" and "Jump" be mapped separately
Some way to pick up other players
Swim-in-able water tiles
Carryable springs
Slide-down-able slopes
Mushroom Blocks (a la SMB2)
Explodable Rock blocks
Orange Note Blocks (bounce you higher)
Multikilling Blue Blocks (probably the SMWorld ones)
Diggable Sand
Having destructable blocks regenerate after a certain amount of time
Animated tiles
More enemies in Stomp
Ridable Yoshis

Stuff that has been suggested before, but that will NOT be added:

Super Mushrooms - This would require redesigns of every single skin, and taller characters would make the gameplay weird.
Scrolling Levels - Mario War was always a single-screen game, Super Mario War will always be a single-screen game.
Larger Tiles/Skins - 32x32 tiles have been around since the beginning of Super Mario War, and the tiles are not likely to get any bigger.


Alright, on to the list!

Quote from: "Anonymous posters"
Also, similar to the moving platforms idea it would be cool if those big rock heads, erm thomps right? could be implemented, aswell as chains that move up and down (and maybe move the stuff its attached to).  (To which this poster added: "Well I meant chains that could some how "link" to something and move it up and down or at least platforms that can move in all four directions.")


How about a feature that allows you to turn off looping?


Also making skins is really nice but the amount of frames is very limited. Adding support for a larger amount of frames would be really sweet, so you can have some more complex characters (such as the guy from Gunstar Heroes which I made into a skin) move more smoothly and with the amount of action they should have. You could also have a file naming scheme so that both old skins and new skins could co-exist.


I have an Ideah for super mario war 1.7. how about a plant power up so when somebody activates it from storage for a limed time those plants from one of the mario games that came out of warp tubs would come out for a limed time and would not be able to be killed but would kill anybody but the one how caused it?



Phanto Mode - When the game starts, a key is given to a random player, and a Phanto (The flying mask) or two from SMB2 starts chasing them. If Phanto touches the key holder, they die. They can pawn the key and Phanto onto another player by touching them. Last one with any lives remaining wins.  (To which Wasabimario later added: "addition/mod to the already suggested phanto mode:

phanto/keep away. time runs up for the player with the key. basically it's keep away, but there would also be a phanto that goes around trying to kill the player with the key. phanto would go through players that didn't have the key.

with team of 2, would be cool to pass/kick the key to each other.")

Dark Mode - Exactly like a normal match, except the only thing you can see is the players, powerups, and projectiles. Everything else is black.

Hazy Maze Mode - A cloud of poisonous gas floats randomly around the arena. If a player is inside it, their timer ticks down. When the timer runs out, they die. Last one standing wins.

Break the Targets - A target appears in a random spot on the map. You can use Hammers, Bullet Bills, Stars, and Fire Flowers to break it. After a target is broken, another one appears. First one to break X targets first wins.


Spawn Goomba - Used automatically like a Fire Flower. "Firing" it causes a Goomba to spawn. You can't be hurt by your own Goombas.

Thwomp Spawn - Same as Goomba Spawn, but with Thwomps.

Alternate Hammer - Used automatically. "Firing" it swings the Hammer ala Paper Mario. Can break blocks and kill players one tile above or in front of you.


No-Passage Tiles - You'd be able to specify a tile where players cannot enter, no buts about it. While this may seem redundant because there are solid tiles, suppose you want to make a map using tiles that can be dropped through, but don't want people to be able to drop through them. Putting a solid tile behind it won't work, so you'd have to make sure they can't get there at all.


A few of my ideas:

1-One way warps(the to-wherever represented as a red circle with a number)
2-Keys and Doors
3-An option to turn falling forever on/off.
4-A block that lets you fall through by pushing the down jump button, but there's no way back up through it
6-If there will be no growing, how about shrinking?
7-the ability to turn into a cannon for 10 seconds and shoot bullet bills
8-Reverse gravity


It's me again.

Few more things that are new or that clarify the others:

1-Donut blocks that fall on contact(because stupid CPU's keep jumping up and down :D )
2-One way block(up-down...already mentioned,left-right,vice-versa,etc.)


I think you should bring back some of the features from the old Mario War.
1. Enable/Disable looping.
2. Spawn from sky.
3. Ability to get squished by a note block.
4. Ability to break two breakable(donut too?) blocks at once.
5. Dying when you touch the bottom of the level.


When you jump on front of someone who is spawning, they will spawn somewhere else. I don't like seeing 2-4 players stuck together.  :lol:


Can you make it so if a warp leads you to a breakable block, that block will break? :D

Quote from: "4matsy"
How about the SMB3 magic wands?
They'd allow you to fire those weird smoke rings, just like the koopa kids did in the original game...
There could also be a few different types of wands that fire the O's or bouncy star balls, like Wendy and Lemmy did. Or maybe just one wand which fires the smoke rings most of the time but has a random chance of firing O's and balls as well...LOL :p

Hmm...maybe a multiplier powerup?
It takes effect immediately, lasts for a set time (15-20 seconds?), and all your kills/goombas/coins/eggs/points are worth double during that time.
And maybe you could stack up multiple multipliers for 3x, 4x, etc. points, if you were lucky enough to find more... :)

"Feed the Yoshi" game mode. :D
The baby Yoshi from Super Mario World is placed on the map, and you have to carry him around and eat the other players to score points. :p First player to X points wins.
And as a bonus, at the end of the game, he grows into an adult. :p

"Chain Chomp Survival" game mode. :p
Similar to the thwomp survival mode currently in SMWar, in that it's Classic mode with added this case, a number of chain chomps are randomly placed around the map, randomly snapping at passers-by. You hit one, you're dead. Last player with any lives remaining wins.
Oh, did I mention that every once in a while, one of the chains will flash, and then the chain chomp breaks loose? Just like in SMB3, where the chain flashes on the 46th yank, and the chomp breaks loose on the 49th... >:D

The super flower from Super Mario Land 1.
You'd be able to fire the SML1 superballs, which bounce off of walls at 45 degree angles. Probably only one on screen at the time, though...
And for true SML1 authenticity, maybe allow the superball to collect coins for you in Coin Limit mode. :p

UndoDog from Mario Paint. o_O
Use him, and he WOOFs, and time is thrown back 5 seconds.
Just suffered a really stupid death? Picked up a powerup you didn't want? There's no need to fear, UndoDog is here! :p


I remember Super Mario Advance 4's e-reader levels also having some gray bricks you could only break with hammers or the tanooki statue...


On the team/skin select menu, have the turbo and powerup keys select color, instead of it being bound to whatever column you're in or whatever player number you are.

Quote from: "azure"
Ya know the crystal like blocks that you can pick up and throw. A player should be able to set them to regenerate after a certain amount of time in the options.

Quote from: "bigy"
for the editor :

path node : to change the direction of the plaform (why not shift+clic?)

Wait time : a parameter for start node and end node (why not path node...)

Platform must have the possibility to go out the screen.And when it come at the end node, it redisappear at the start node

Quote from: "Booman77"
i mean when putting tiles and warps. and how about a platform that only moves if someone iis an it?


how abut a timed frag limit mode. if you don't finish by the time, it's a draw?


how about a mode like chicken but you would have to kill people as achicken and as soon as they reach the frag limit, they win ;)


did someone mention an attacking sun?


how about seed that if you drop on the ground a pirhana plant comes out and shoots fireballs at will...

Quote from: "Checkpoint"
How about "Team War" mode where each player has a number of computer players that follows them around and squashes the enemies. And each team member gets a seperate death count. And if the player dies, then the player becomes one of the computers. You win when all of the enemy players/computers are dead.


How about a mode where you have to collect an orb, and after 30 seconds or so, whoever doesn't have an orb dies. And if you die, you lose your orb. There'd be one less than the number of people. What do you think?  (To which Marioman64 added: "THAT WOULD BE AWESOMENESS! MUSICAL CHAIRS!

or musical... something :lol:" and J-Rok added "Yes, they could hold Music Boxes from SMB3!")

Quote from: "Da Spadger"
What about being able to change the "Winner!" text to do something else than just appear and fall down? I was thnking of something like the awards indicator.


Ability to make bigger levels would be quite nice.

Quote from: "Discrosh"

Cannon Bill: With this handheld cannon you can shot limited bullet bills that go straight and pass trough the walls.

A energy gauge: one attack to die is a sad thing
Invisible Items Blocks:that invisible block from SMB,SB3,SMW, that can hide useness powerups/items and serve to climb.
Warp Doors: the doors that were in SMB"2",SMB3,SMW , that can warp the character to a door in other place.

And the "Down" button could use to crouch.  In the air the "Down" button make a stomp attack (attack from Yoshi Sland, Wario Land2,3,4,etc..).


I suggest a language selector. Different languages.


BOO CHASE MODE : The players start with # lives. In the beggin four boos appears in ramdom places. Then the boos will chase the players faced away from him. Keep the fight, but the players must gives attention for boos. Also you can push your opponent on boos MHUAHAHAHA :lol:. The survivor, wins.  (To which Jared added: "I like this one. :D And have the # of boos configurable, of course.")


In the team mode, each player could have their own points.
Exemple: Mario=5 Luigi=5 X Wario =10  not  Mario,Luigi=10 X Wario =10. Or should be able to change it in options

Quote from: "DrJones"
Would be possible to add a internal number of how much times a map is played so when you press random map it will choose between those less used first?


I want a random character selection.


This might make "Capture the Flag" unfun, but I think there should be an option to prevent players from scoring a point if they return to their home and their flag is not there. (this would go well alongside the option to return automatically your flag to your home as soon as you touch it).

Quote from: "Dude"
How about a Hard Hat? Makes you immune to being stomped or attacked from above. You can move like normal execpt jumping is not as high. You also lose it if you get stomped or slame your head into spikes 3 times or get killed some other way.


Wings: Wings from super mario world (That put you in a secret level and turn your yoshi blue/purple) that when out of the item box would fly around just like the race signs. When you touch them you fly round for a limited time. Up and down would make you go up and and down. You can still walk on ground. You are not invincible in any way. If you die they disipear. Its pretty much anti-gravity.


Thwimp Item: Those little guys falling from the top of the screen like the thwomps.
Banzai Bill Mode: Survival mode execpt the giant bullet bills coming from the sides.


Firing warps: Would have the same system as the other warps (maybe  even connected to the normal warps) execpt you get fired out of them.
Life shroom: When your character is stomped on, he gets a temp sheild, it only works once. If it is hit by a fireball, hammer, or goomba, he/she bounces away like in mario bros 2 (and the shield thing comes). If he hits spikes, he gets the sheild thing (again). If he touchs lava, he dies. :P


A left and right for the goomba, the NSMB goomba I changed it with walks backwards :lol:

Quote from: "Eshooo"
Well I read the whole list and i thought of something.

A rotate tile button in the level editor, isn't that helpful?

Also a Magnet power up that when used it will either repel players, or attract them to stick on you, making both players having a hard time to move.

Quote from: "Florian Hufsky"
i've played 1.6 with a friend of mine, and those things came to our attention:

+ locking the pipes kinda suck. maybe only lock them from one side, so players can't go back-and-forth. but it's a real pita if you chase someone.

+ goombas don't die in lava

Quote from: "GKi"
I noticed this game has about 300 maps and there is no way to organize them. I mean i have to keep pushing the right button 100 times and then the game freezes a little around 50.

So I thought it would be really cool to have a map organizer in the game. let me explain have you ever seen a music manager and such (genre, artist, name, ect). there should be a menu to choose your games EX:

--- by name
maps-- -- by artist
-- by ect.

do you see what i mean ?


and horizontal spikes < > instead of just ^ y


Since we're talkin about ideas.... i just thought of one! i was thinking about a moveable tile that moves when the player that pushes it.


right before u start to respawn there should be somthing like a box so it will be easier to see where u start out


built in lvl editor or a option to test play in the lvl editor (this is wut we game designers just lov  :D


a ball mode where there is a ball you can play with or squish ppl with

jump off the sides of walls (like megaman)

Quote from: "Ikill4you"
1. put numbers on top of the player to resemble who they are(example, 1 over player 1's head(for team battles only))
2. The ability to place where domination blocks are.
3. King of the hill mode(you select where it goes on the map, it would work out with my map)
4. Choosable spawn points, like red team spawns in one area and green spawns somewhere else (for team battles only)

Quote from: "J-Rok"
I was designing a map based on the Iggy Koopa boss battle in Super Mario World when I thought of yet another late idea: a mode where jumping on foes' heads or hitting them with projectiles merely sends them skidding backwards, and the idea is to shove enemies into Poison Mushrooms and lethal hazards! Working title: Sumo Mode! If Sumo makes it into Super Mario War, pushing foes should have greater effect in this mode.


(Regarding moving platforms) Using the Super Mario World "line-guided objects" principle might help...the line-guided thing makes me think of those fuzzy freaks that followed those lines, which make me think of other Mario hazards/foebeasts that a stomp or a fireball wouldn't fix, and in come all the borderline-insane ideas, like an option to randomly fire Bullet Bills and/or Bowser fireballs from the sides of the screen, line-guided and floor-skimming buzzsaws, those Parabeetle things that were in that one level of Sky Land (SMB3, world 5, level 6 or 7) with the shells and the little wings (they sunk a little and then flew upward as you stood on one, remember?), the scale-like mushrooms from Super Mario World (go to Butter Bridge 1; when you make the first jump off the starting platform, you'll know what I'm talking about) and the old-school scale platforms from SMB1...


Enable kicking objects upward...please?


I could swear Pikawil and I...anyway, this gives me a crazy idea: giant foes in Stomp. Although you'd then need giant Koopa shells...


Also speaking of eye candy, SMW2: Yoshi's Island had levels in which it snowed...


Oh, don't worry, I have a suggestion: in Stomp mode, there should be a very rare, very golden, and very fast enemy spawned in the place of a normal one. Also, to keep with this post's trend of saying "very" a lot, it should be worth very many points...or more than the standard foe, at the very least.

Quote from: "Jacobthehero2006"
I have idea too

I think You should add Echos to Sounds Just like in Super mario all Star: SMB1 and SMB2J and SMB3 (SNES VERSION)


3 moves - Spin Jumps and Ground pound

Fast fall (Push down then you fall faster like you did on Super smash bros and melee)


Idea for Level editor

if you closed Mistaken you may lose something that you making
I suggest They can add When you open it takes you to where u making now (lost Save)

That all



Like in Super mario 64 and SM64DS and NSMB


I got 3 new idea that been popped in my mind:

1. Pipe Effect (from NSMB Mario VS Luigi) The one when pipe pop out and you jump out then dissapear
2. When you touch Enemy You die Like in NSMB *turn upside down* your player goes Up and then Upside down and falls
3. Wind (From SMB2J) it will Randomly Blow you into Pit or spike or on the wall sometime it very blows you and you get hit by wall and you dies and it can be light or heavy or VERY POWERFUL


Koopa Shell Power up

koopa shell allow you to slide on ground and it useful in Stomp you can kill off All enemies by sliding!

what you think?

(NSMB Did it before)


Mode: Color Blocks (I don’t know any good name can you help me with the Good Mode name for that but it new)

How you play?:
Hit the block it changes to your color that you hit if keep your color your point goes up and another player hit it change different color their Point goes up if keep

Winning game: highest point which player will win

Any question...suggestion or plan of make it better?

(Which LKA clarified: "I think he means a version of Domination where you have to hit the block from the bottom."

Quote from: "Jared"
Hi, my name's Jared and I love Mario War. If anyone's interested, here are a few of my ideas for stuff to add:

New Items

Leaf: Allows you to float. (Could make you fall down slowly while holding the jump button, or could allow you to float like the Princess in SMB2.) Also overlaps with other items, but not with the feather.

Vegetable: A la SMB2. When you grab one, it hovers over your head, and the next time you hit the fire button you throw it. If you have another projectile weapon, you keep it but can't use it until you've thrown the vegetable. If you hit someone with one of these, it bounces off them and can't hit anyone else.

Lantern: Blacks out the screen for a short period of time, except for a little circle centered around each player.

Kuribo's Shoe: Makes you immune to spikes (unless you hit them with your head). Slows you down a bit and makes you do that little bounce-along-the-ground thing like in SMB3, but also makes you jump a lot higher and makes you immune to any weapon (including shells and veggies, which bounce off you) that hits you from the side or from below. You lose this when you get hit with three weapons or if you die from getting hit from above. Overlaps with all items. (Oh, come on, you know this would rule! :P )

Boo: A la Super Mario Kart. When you use this, you become transparent (i.e. can move through other players) and can't be killed for a short time (except by environmental hazards such as spikes). Additionally, if any other players have bonus items, you will steal one of them at random. (This would work best as a bonus item.)

Heart: This acts like a 1UP in terms of how it moves while onscreen, except that catching it restores the map to its original state (i.e. all broken blocks come back, all donut blocks reappear, all flip blocks stop rotating, all ? blocks get refilled, etc.)

Thunderbolt: A la Super Mario Kart. When you use this, everyone else who is not invincible shrinks to half-size, and their speed and jump abilities are also cut in half, as well as the size of any projectiles they are able to shoot. Small players can jump and hurt each other normally, but large players can just walk over small ones to squish them and are immune to small fireballs and shots. Dying once removes small status. Being shielded does NOT protect you from this item!

Freezie: When you use this item, everyone else (except for invincible players) turns blue and is frozen in place for a brief time (being shielded doesn't help you here either!). Any frozen player who dies is shattered rather than squished (i.e. they turn into a lot of blue particles). This should start moving as soon as it's out of the ? block, like a 1UP does.

Magic Wand: A la SMB3. This allows you to shoot slowish projectiles directly in front of you. These go through walls and get slightly wider as they travel, but they do disappear eventually if they don't hit something. This would be treated like a fire flower or hammer in terms of not overlapping, etc.

Crystal: This does nothing at all... until you get three of them. Then you can use it, and EVERYONE dies. No exceptions -- stars, shields, nothing will protect you from this.

New Modes

N-Spade: A la SMB3. All over the course there are a bunch of cards (probably 12 or so). When you hit a card it turns your color and flips over to reveal a picture. After you hit a second card it checks to see whether there is a match. If not, they flip back. If there is a match with the other card of your color, you get points. If there is a match, but with a card of a different color, you split the points with whoever owns the other card. (So, of course, all point values should be even numbers, and ideally there would be several different values, so for example stars would be worth more than flowers, etc.) Jumping on players flips their cards back over; suicide does not. When all the cards are gone, a new set appears, and whoever gets to a certain score first wins.

Dr. Mario: There are three viruses on the screen (red, yellow, and blue) and three pills with corresponding colors. You have to pick up a pill and touch the virus of the right color with it to get a point. Touching the wrong color kills you, as does touching a virus without a pill. Killing several of the same color in a row grants bonus points. Jumping on someone allows you to steal their pill, but you can't carry more than one pill at once. Suicide doesn't get rid of your pill. Dying in any way does not kill your color combo. First one to reach a certain number of points wins.

Combo Race: First one to jump on a certain number of opponents in a row wins. Dying in any way breaks your combo.

Cookie: Same as Survival except that the cookies from Yoshi's Cookie are raining down, and the goal is to be the first to reach a certain number. (Because cookies are tasty! ^_^)

Base Race: Same as Race except the bases from Domination are also hanging around. In order to get points you have to have bases tagged, but you can't tag bases directly - rather, every time you finish a lap you get a random unclaimed base. If there are no unclaimed bases then nobody can get any more. Dying in any way makes you lose all your bases, as in Domination, though, so if all the bases are taken you need to knock someone off if you want more! (You get no points just for doing laps, so if all the bases are claimed and you don't have one, you'll have to resort to this.)


Character browsing, maybe with a little SSBM-style character select screen.
More Bubble Bobble and Kirby characters! ;)

Comments and criticisms appreciated.


In addition, I'd personally like to see a breakdown of all of each player's KO types (jump, fire, star, etc.) at the end of a match, and maybe a graph of how each player was doing throughout the game.


A "map manager" could be a useful utility -- it could allow you to browse maps outside of the game, deleting what you don't want.


It would be cool to see some blocks that only hammers/fireballs can get rid of. The only example in a Mario game that I can think of is in Super Mario Land 2 for the Gameboy, though -- there are some blocks you have to shoot to get past in certain levels there.


I'd love to see 5 and 6 player support added.


Another miscellaneous idea: Multikill bonuses.  Basically, when you can jump two or more people in a row without hitting the ground, each one you kill gives you a bonus.  In Classic mode you get an extra life, in Frag Limit you get an extra kill, in Tag you get more time, in Race you get the next checkpoint tagged for free, in Goomba mode you get another kill but only if you jump other players and not just Goombas (because there are so many of 'em), maybe in Chicken mode you could use this to steal the chicken status, etc.


I just had another silly idea for an item: Fireworks!  :D

Remember in SMB when you could get fireworks when you hit the flagpole with the timer just right?  Well, with this item, when you use this item, six fireworks of your team color go off in random locations, killing any opponent or enemy who touches them.


Banana: A la Super Mario Kart. This item lets you drop a peel on the course. Peels cause players to slip if they try to walk over them (they lose control a bit but they don't die). In addition, if a shell of any sort (even the multikilling ones) hits a banana peel, the shell and the peel both die.

Item Egg: This egg is a throwable item. When you hit someone with it, it kills them and simultaneously spawns a non-throwable item (i.e. shells and eggs won't pop out). To distinguish this from the Yoshi egg, this would use the sprite from the eggs that Birdo shoots in SMB2.


New idea for a mode: Mario Paint mode! :D
In this mode, the map is drawn in an outlined style on a white background, with only solid tiles showing up properly (this could be done with a simplified mode-specific tileset). There are between 5 and 10 items scattered in random locations (the paint color selectors from Mario Paint would be ideal, although they could use some minor editing and some nicer colors). These items, called "painters," can be picked up. While you're holding one, every tile it touches becomes that painter's color. When you drop or throw the painter, all the tiles that were that color become white again, and you get points equal to the number of tiles you managed to paint.

...But did I mention that you can paint over your opponents' tiles? And that if you toss a painter, it can kill other players while it's moving? And that if you kill someone, when they drop their paint, YOU get their points? And that you get a nice point bonus if you can score for every color in the same round?  (To which Mr.Bob-Omb added: "We could make FLUDD an option. Players who want more of a challange can turn FLUDD on. This option would require you to wash away the paint before you paint over it"  Jared then replied: "Good idea! But maybe instead of FLUDD it could be an eraser, in keeping with the Mario Paint theme?"  Mr.Bob-Omb: "Yeah I like that idea better")


Okay so I was playing Super Mario Advance and now I'm surprised nobody's suggested this yet.

Cherries: These appear like other items from the ? boxes. When you get five of them, a star will float up from the bottom of the screen a la SMB2. The star is in your team color, though, so you're the only one that can grab it. This star acts exactly like a regular star (i.e. it makes you invincible, unless you already are, in which case it becomes stored). Plus, if you have other players on your team, a star will appear for each one of your teammates, too (i.e. if you're on a team of X players, X stars will appear).

To make it more interesting, have it so that if another player touches your star, they die and it counts as a star kill for you. >:D

There could also be cherry cards in Frenzy for much awesomeness.


Allow menu control with the buttons on the first page, and move any extra menu-only buttons to that first page. Then get rid of the second page, which is unnecessary.


Back with a new suggestion: Volleyball mode!

In this mode, there is a volleyball that bounces around. Touching it causes it to bounce; you can't pick it up. The ball starts out neutral. Once someone's hit it, it becomes their team's color. If nobody hits it again before it touches the ground, they get a point and the ball returns to neutral. Oh, and just like volleyball, other team members can bounce the ball afterwards to keep it away from other players. However, if one player hits the ball twice in a row, or if one team volleys the ball for more than three bounces, that team loses a point, loses possession of the ball, and is prevented from hitting the ball again until someone else does (they go through it instead of hitting it). Play to X points with an optional timer. (Oh, and the ball should relocate itself after a while in case nobody can get to it.)


I will also repeat a suggestion I made earlier: an item switch for the roulette wheel, as well as a dummy item which can go on it.


Mode option requests:

Coin and Eggs - Allow customization for how much time it takes for coins/eggs/Yoshis to relocate themselves
Domination - On death, cause your bases to disappear for a few seconds so that nobody can score from them (this would still keep them stolen if Steal Bases was on, but the stealer would get no points from them during this period)
Owned - Player Steal (like stealing bases in Domination - would also allow you to own yourself for extra points!)
Owned - Shuffle (every X seconds, ownerships are shuffled around, kind of like Mystery Mushroom effect (but without the M.M. graphical indication of course))
Owned - On death, cause your previously-owned players to become shielded for a few seconds so nobody can immediately reclaim them

Quote from: "Jarviar61470"
Disapering reapeareing tiles


And timed death tiles that you set how long it takes to die from them like this asid tile i gust made.

Quote from: "jeko143"
how about adding secret paths by reaching other objectives on tour mode. if there was a map like wasabimario syggested it would be easier to pinpoint this if its even going to be used.

Quote from: "krymreaper"
Hey, I'm a first time poster, long time fan. Anywho, I've got a sugestion for this game. Fundamentally, the gameplay is well recieved and fairly cannon to the original mario games, but there is one thing missing from the experience.
I'm talking about stat-tracking, per character, that can be viewable outside of matches.
In order to achieve something like this a few things about how skins are viewed by the game would have to change. Each skin would have to be part of a larger object. this object would consist of the 'character name' to uniquely identify in stat tracking, a path to the skin image, and several numerical and stringed values used for stat tracking. These values would include kills/killed by certain powerups, total kills, etc. Ofcourse, SMW the program, would load up these 'characters' on start up instead of skins.
Individual stat-tracking for each character on unique maps is also possible using this idea to an expanded degree. Assuming the 'character' numbers for stat-tracking don't exeed several thousands, a simple CSV file would be adequate for housing this information.
The one drawback is that SMW, the program, would not be able to recognize skins (or maps, assuming stat-tracking for maps is wanted) unless a 'character' is created using a skin. Alternatively, to solve this issue, random skins can be selected to play with, but no information about that skin is logged unless the skin has a 'character' object associated with it.
Anyways, its just something to think about. It would certainly require abit of recoding, but hey, thats why its a suggestion and not an order

Quote from: "Link901"
There's a few things I'm surprised I didn't see on here.

A few items would be:
Tanooki Suit - It could have a chicken-like effect and turn the player that used the item into a tanooki, allowing them to turn into a statue at will!
Surfing Shell from Mario 64 - That'd just rock!  Shoot across the stage and bowl over the other players!
Player Pickup - Like the Mario Bros remakes in the Super Mario Advance games for the GBA, you could pick up your opponents and hurl them into traps and such.  They'd be able to escape with a sufficient amount of squirming, just like they did in the games.
Frog Suit! - Why hasn't anyone else mentioned this? You could use this sucker to jump high and far! I'd like that!

A few modes:
Airtime - Each player has 3 tries to get as high off the ground as they can.  Jumping from blocks and platforms is allowed.  Whoever gets the lowest height loses a life.  The game continues till one person is left.
Longjump - Same as airtime, but with horizontal distance instead of vertical.  This one could get pretty interesting...
Dragon Coins - Players fight over 5 coins from Super Mario World with Yoshi on them.  If you kill someone holding coins, you get them.  Whoever gets all 5 first wins.

Quote from: "LKA"
Dunno if anyone posted this yet, and I'm not digging thru all the pages to look, but here's an idea: Mushroom Mode.

The idea isn't to kill everyone else, but to reach a target amount of lives.

What happens is that all the mushrooms in the game just randomly spawn over the map *think spawning in Stomp* and you can set which ones appear more often.

Of course, the Poison and Mystery Mushrooms would also appear to make things interesting.


I dunno if it's been mentioned, but items should burn up too.


Shell speed:
If they bump into it from walking, it goes slower than if they were running.

Quote from: "Luigi"
Hmmm... I invent a new mode: hunting. There are 4 blocks on the map. Their move. Colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Blue. If you hit the block with the same color like your character: you get point and the block change position. When you hit block when it hasn't coloured like you: you lost one point and turn into a stone for 5 seconds. After 5 seconds you die. When you turn to stone you can't be killed and other players can walking on you like on platforms.


Hmmm... I have another mode in my mind: Bombs Attack!
One per setted time (1-10 seconds; set in options) setted number of bombs (1-10) were created on the map in the random places (in no-item-spawn zones too). On the bombs there is number (5-10; set in options). One per second the number going down for one. If it reaches zero th bomb explose (like bob-omb). You can be killed only by bomb. You can keep bomb like shells or blue block and throw it to other player (when it shows 1 on counter give fun :lol:). Set number of lifes in options. Gravity works on bombs.

Quote from: "Marioman64"
In the level editor, you should put in already invisible blocks (the blocks that have dotted lines around them) so that one can see what their map would look like with those blocks off.

Also, would it be possible to have some red switch blocks solid and other red switch blocks dotted? Then when you hit the switch, the solid ones turn dotted and the dotted ones become solid. It would would make the ON/OFF switch look stupid but, ... just throwing it out there.


There should be a mode added to the menu called "Quick Match"

You set up the players like normal (P1-Human, P2-Whatever, P3...)

Then push the Quick Match Button
It will then select a:
random skin (for everyone)
random mode
random map

It would be EVERYTHING RANDOM and solve everyone's problems :D



(you know, from SSB) yay ^_^


The ability to stop the bonus wheel.  (To which Jared added: "Every time I get the wheel I find myself mashing my fire button STOPSTOPSTOP style. :lol: But it shouldn't stop immediately; just slow down faster.")


springboards from SMworld, the green one's that are attached to the wall

This way we could make bouncy blocks, except that you would be able to go through it going up


PUT IN THAT GOOPY STUFF FROM YOSHI'S STORY!!! You know, the jelly that you can walk on and when you pound it it sinks a little bit. This stuff is also in the New Super Mario Bros. (in the ghost house with lots of doors in the beggining).


Light Bulb Mode:

It's like Yoshi egg game except boos would try and possess people to a "box" on the map, touching this box would cause death. The person holding the light bulb is safe from the boos. To steal the light bulb, you would of course jump on another person's head.

Quote from: "Max"
There should be switches to turn moving platforms on and off.That would be nice :) !!!

Quote from: "metalchao"
an item that blurred/shook/dimmed/blacked out the screen might be funny.

Could be some kind of giant goomba popping up in the way for a few seconds or some sort of earthquake block.


A Copy Flower item, which creates an allied omputer for the person that picks it up for 30 seconds?

Quote from: "mpinger"
Visible changing power up block - This is from SMWorld where the block switches between star, fireball, feather, mushroom. It'd be cool if you could have this because then someone could camp on the powerup until they got the power up they wanted. I can see how this could be hard to graphically.

With all these powerups we're talking about, I think there should be a way to limit the possible powerups on a map. Otherwise, you've got like 20 powerups and the game is over and you've only seen half of them. This would especially be needed if you had special maps designed for the whistle and p-switch. I could see it being like Halo where you can choose different weapons groups.

I think it'd be cool to have 45 degree angled pipes that you can be shot out of like in SMWorld. A map maker could use these to shoot players to upper platforms where there are powerups.


It would be nice if there was some way to have mutually exclusive switch blocks so if some set of blocks are on another set is off and vice versa. This may be the P-switch idea??? Anyway, in making maps for 1.7 I've thought of some fun ideas for this. I tried putting one colored switch above another one to see if bumping one would automatically bump the other but the game doesn't work that way and probably shouldn't.
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Quote from: "Mr.Bob-omb"

Slow Mushroom
Similar to a Poison Mushroom, but rather than killing the player it slows him/her down. Does not affect other players.
1up mushroom with purple spots

Sparky (Those Electric guys from Super Mario 64)
Leaves a sparky in the spot where the player activates it (Does not move) any opponent that touches it gets killed.

Banzai Bill
Works like bullet bill, but gets a single Banzai Bill to (Slowly) cross the screen rather than little bullet bills


Lil' Penguin
Works almost exactly like yoshi's egg, but there are fake Lil' Penguins that look exactly the same as the real one

Big Bob-omb
Collect bob-omb cards and explode in front of the Big bob-omb to make him happy and get points. Stay away from him otherwise.  (To which this poster added: "We could cange it so that you try to hurt him to get points.")


Another Mode:
Klepto (The Bird from Super Mario 64) Appears in the stage and flies overhead, eventually swooping down and attacking a player. that player must tag Klepto Back or they will gradually lose points. If you hit 0 points, you lose.


FLUDD could be used in a Grafitti Mode.  (To which Jared added: "Yeah! The map starts out covered in goop and there are one or more FLUDDs and you get points for getting rid of goop..."  LKA then added: "there would be the slight issue of how the goop spawned tho...

Would it fall inexpicibaly from the sky?

A set spawn point?

And what about getting goop ON you?

Would that be implimented along with a timer for it?

How would you wash it off?")


OK here's a new idea. Make a "Tour Editor Program" that allows you to make an entire tour rathar than gather a bunch of maps together. here are some Ideas for it:

Map Screens:
You start out with an empty plot of land. You can change the theme to one of the following.

-Grass (SMB3 Grassland theme)
-Cavern (Super Mario World Vanilla Dome theme)
-Desert (World 2 of SMB3)
-Sky (Do I have to say it?)
-Snow (SMB3 Snow Themed World)
-Mountians (Super Mario World Chocolate Mountians theme)
-Bowser (Super Mario World Valley of Bowser theme)

Each theme has different scenery you can place around the map:

Choosing different backgounds for the level makes the space different

When the player uses a Castle/Fortress themed background for their map, the space on the map screen becomes a fortress.

Ghost Houses:
When the player uses a Ghost House themed background for their map, the space on the map screen becomes a ghost house.

When the player uses an Underground themed background for their map, the space on the map screen becomes a cavern.

Lakes: If we ever get an underwater background, and the player uses it as the background, the space on the map screen becomes a lake

The last space on the map screen, regardless of the background used on the map.

Any other backgrounds used will have a normal space on the map screen.

Each theme has a different song to go with it.

Since the grassland map screen is SMW's Main Menu music, use Super Mario World's Yoshi's Island Map Screen Music

Super Mario World's Vanilla Dome Map Screen Music

SMB3 World 2 Map Screen Music

SMB3 The Sky Map Screen Music

Uhh... I don't know

Super Mario World's Donut Plains Map Screen Music

Super Mario World's Valley of Bowser Map Screen Music

(This poster later added: "Airship:
When the player uses a Night sky themed background for their map, the space on the map screen becomes a Airship (Make sure you call it an Airship, not a Doomship.)"

To which NMCoy added: "Ooh, and for themed tours you could do optionally do tile and background substitution on the maps in the tour. I like the idea of having the map tiles auto-associated with the music and background categories, although this default should be user-overridable."

Wasabimario later added: "is there a way to combine the graphical overworld map with a stats on current points/standings as well as showing an icon/symbol that represents game type?

Would it really require a map with choices? or just a linear thing?

WHOA...there's an idea....HOLD MY HORSES....

what about the map with choices and the winner of the previous round gets to 'move' the group to the level of his/her choice? So if there's a coin round and a king of the hill, you could choose to go up or down.

oh and....somehow you have to fit warioware type minigames for bonuses to go along side the bonus wheel....(i've already posted on this one..) but i'm psyched....two52: other devs could help make button mashing mini games for in between tour stops."

somestrangeflea added: "Before a level begins in tour mode, players are given the list of powerups they have obtained, and they choose if they want to begin the level with one, a la SMB3."  Then NMcCoy added: "And when a level's beaten, the tille flips over (only rather than turning into an M or L, it becomes a 1, 2, 3, or 4). The winner chooses the next level, and the tour ends when the level represented by the SMB3 castle is beaten. If the person who won the last game is behind on wins overall, they could go back to an unbeaten level rather than the castle to try for a chance to make a comeback."

wasabimario added: "Think of this too: if you could set some of settings in each tour gravity, wind (doesn't exist yet), ice slipperiness, etc. you could create some wacky a space level. and a super slippery ice level.")


Boo Block:
Works like a regular Item Block, But after being hit it turns into a boo and goes somewhere else, then turns back into a block
Appearance: Grey Item Block (when it's not a boo)

Yoshi Block:
Works like a Mushroom Block, but isn't affected by Gravity.
Appearnce:Block that looks like a Yoshi Egg.

Warp Block:
Sends you to a random sopt on the map.


Here's another new mode idea

Mario Golf Mode:
When the Game begins, each team gets a colored golf ball, Players can only pick up the golf ball of their own team's color (Example: Red Player(s) cannot pick up Blue Players' Ball) The Player then brings their ball to the hole as quickly as possible. Every (Insert number of seconds here) secons gives the player 1 point. The timer starts immedeatly when the player picks up their ball and stops when they reach the hole (with the ball of course.) When every player has put the ball in the hole the hole moves to a new location and the golf balls appear at random spots. Once every player has finished the last hole, (which doesn't neccesarily have to be hole 18) the game ends. The Player/Team with the fewest points wins!


There's this ball thing in Super Mario Advance, I have no Idea what It's called, but it looks like this:

(there was an image here)

Anyway you find it in a vase and when you stand on it it allows you to superjump instantly. if you pick it up and throw it, it will roll around, climbing up the walls and ceilings. I guess you could use this somehow.


I'm Back

Anyway, I don't have much right now, but here's an Item Idea

Mr. Blizzard
Mr. Blizzard (The snowmen from Super Mario 64) works in a similar way to the Bob-omb, You collect it and turn into Mr. Blizzard. You explode just as you would as a Bob-omb, but the explosion freezes everyone that touches the "BOMB" Explosion thing, but now it would say somthing like "FREEZE"

Also I think a Freezie item should work like a koopa shell, but what would normally kill them freezes them, it feels more like a freezie that way.

Quote from: "NMcCoy"
Permit the possibility of having multi-mapped keys - If you absolutely needed to, you could map "up" and "jump" to the same key. Personally, I'll be playing with four PS1 gamepads (or possibly three and my Saitek P880).

Thoughts on Stomp mode: In addition to Koopas, Goombas, and Cheep Cheeps (the parabolic-jumping kind?), I'd like to see some other enemies make an appearance. Bullet Bills are already in the game...

That brings in another thought. Couple of thoughts, really. Several thoughts. (Aargh! I'm having another game design attack.)

1. Enemy Switch, like the item switch in SSBM.
An option to have random enemies (those that are switched on) appear on the map during play (at the rate set in the Enemy Switch menu, including "none"). Valid in all modes, especially Stomp. They usually walk in from the sides (if no-H-wrap is set and the map permits) or emerge from pipes (if the map has any). User option: enemy appearance preceded by a :!: alert in the vicinity.

1b. Enemies I'd like to see in addition: Bob-Ombs (great as weapons and hazards), Spinies (with SMB3 bump-to-flip behavior, for unstompable projectiles (the aforementioned spiked shells?))...

2. Enemies built into the map. Pirahna plants in pipes, with the canonical "hiding" behavior (or not, for red-stemmed ones), temporarily killable by fireballs. Bullet Bill and Bob-Omb cannons. Chain Chomps, releasable if they're anchored to a breakable block, killable with hammers. Enemy-generator pipes. Boos?

3. Lakitu Mode. Players vie for control of a lakitu cloud, from which they can chuck random enemies at their opponents. An upward-tossed non-spiked projectile, which would normally just be stomped and set into slide-mode, will dislodge the "lakitu" player. Alternatively, make lakitu a switchable enemy with a stealable cloud.  (To which Jared added: "This wouldn't work on most maps.  Maybe the Lakitu Cloud as an item, however..." To which this poster added: "Or a map feature?")

5. P-switches. Turn blocks into coins and drop opponents in pits!

5b. Cooler coin options. I'm talking 10-coin-blocks (with canonical timed behavior) at the least, and possibly the lucrative fireballs of SMW. Permit coin collection in all modes, with 100 for a 1up.

5bb. User-set map auto-regeneration timer. Allows for collectible coins on the map, as well as...

5bba. On-map POW block. Crazy!
5bbb. Random hidden stuff in breakable blocks! Like in the Hammer Bros. battles of SMB3. 10-coin blocks, powerups, and so on. A user option, of course.
5bbc. Also, re-breakable blocks.

6. Score Mode! Canonical Mario combo bonus progression (complete with 1ups), points for coins (10-coin blocks win again), etc.  (To which Jared added: "This would have to be a variation on Stomp Mode, of course. Problem is, then 1UPs are pointless (goal is points, not lives), so maybe the score could just stop rising at 8K/hit?"  To which this poster added: "Or make each life gained by any means (stomp-combo, mushroom, coins) worth +10K.")

7. Raccoon Tail powerup would cause essentially no skinning issues. Float down and tail-flick, simple as that. I wouldn't worry about flying (though the ceiling timer helps with that issue balance-wise, if it is implemented).

8. Bottom tile of background fades to black if no-V-wrap is set, visually indicating bottomless pit.

Er. Sorry about all that. I tend to get inspired by my own ideas, and get readily carried away.


This, of course, suggests including the red plant things from SMB2US, with large and small turnips, with a stopwatch instead of the fifth large one...
Also, once the moving platform code is in, adapt it to some SMB2 enemies. Not squashable, but defeatable by weaponry or by throwing one into another.


How about just having a configuration file for sounds, with each event pointing to a sound filename?


Feature request: Follow the standard behavior of pushing mario into the gap when jumping up under a solid block and a space if his center is under the space. Right now it's nearly impossible to jump up into a 1-block gap.


While we're at it, the running-across-1-block-gaps behavior should be implemented.


Have a "solid shield" option, where players are solid upon respawning and can kill players, but others "boing" off their head.

Have a "Mario Bros"/"Smash" (depending on how retro you want to be) spawning option, where players respawn on a platform that vanishes when they move or after a time expires.

If we can't get a map-specific tls option, can we allow one custom tile per map?


Fireball physics is not quite in line with the games. A fireball's downward velocity should be capped to match its horizontal velocity (i.e., it travels on a slope of -1).


Also, can we please have no-wrap and fatal-pit map options?

Better yet, implement it as
[Bottom: Wrap | Solid | Lethal]
[Top: Countdown | Solid]
[Sides: Wrap | No-Wrap | Solid | Lethal]

Nonplayer objects rebound off of Solid sides but go past No-Wrap ones.

Quote from: "npodges"
what about the one second rule, where your star's powers last slightly longer than the music or mario's blinking in every mario game. i think it should implemented.


what about the ability to make it so you always start with an item, like the cape, for example.

under game options, it could even be a checkbox for "always on" for weapons for which that makes sense


Not sure if I mentioned this already, but "Smart Fill" mode for the editor. This would let you select an object or tile type and it would handle putting the edges in the right place to connect the tiles. You'd be able to fill in individual tiles by hand for more complex overlapping things, but wouldn't need to go to the tile selector nine times to make a simple SMB3 large colored block. This would be something nice to connect with the "tile substitution" idea.
Any chance of having wandering Hammer Bros. to Stomp?  (To which Jared replied: "As for Hammer Bros. in Stomp, there should also be Fire Bros. and Boomerang Bros.")

Speaking of level recreations, is it possible that jump height will be brought in line with SMB3? There's a part of my SMB1 1-2 map that's impossible to escape from due to the abnormally low jumping in SMW.


To avoid confusion with the level tiles, I suggest we change the tour ranking graphics to Star, Flower, Mushroom, and Dead Mario.


In all the Mario games I'm aware of, the invincibility lasted a couple seconds longer than the music - the music ending was the warning that it was about to end, and you stopped flashing completely when the invicibility ended.


also, it seems like when you have a star, you should always be able to jump as high as with turbo, even if not running. does anyone else feel that way?

Quote from: "Omega Boost"
Heres an idea:

Add 2 new slots for Characters: Shooting, and Shooting in the Air. This would give the characters a little more effect while in the game. (This would really work well with characters like Megaman)

Quote from: "Peardian"
So, has anyone mentioned having Ztar as an item? Like the opposite of a star, slowing down the player, lowering their jump, and disabling their weapon?

If not a Ztar, it could be a Sluggish Shroom.


That gives me an idea for a mode: NSMB Battle. several cherries are placed randomly around the room, as well as a star. Collect a set # of stars to win, bumping and killing people make them lose stars, and all the bricks & cherries reset everytime one is collected. Or, instead of cherries, coins, since only having stars as a bonus would be cheap.


I just thought of one: Basketball. It would be similar to the boss battle with the bunny from Wario Land II. Whenever a player is jumped on, they become a basketball (team colored). They can't move, but they can hop a little. They can be picked up like a shell, and when placed in the goal, they die. You wouldn't get points from kills. If a player jumps on a basketball-ized team mate, they return to normal. To make things more interesting, players would be able to score by throwing it (hard, since the goal would be small) without it touching the ground first.  (To which Booman77 added "just put a number of seconds the player stays as a ball. when the times up, they turn back to normal" and Jared added "Have players return to normal upon being thrown.")


Speaking of Mario Party items, what about a Chomp Whistle? It would call out a Chain-Chomp of the player's color, and it would hop around randomly for a little bit.

Quote from: "Pikawil"
What about a useable Chain Chomp item? It could be like a whip of sorts!

Oh, and another idea would be a grey P-Switch that summons enemies when used!


Alright, here's another: an option to turn off the item roulette at the end of a tournament.


Alright, lemme suggest a DIFFERENT kind of Super Mushroom. No, it does NOT make your character taller. However, it gives you an extra hit before you die.


Now, how 'bout a speed-boosting item?


Add in "boss" enemies in Stomp Mode. They're harder to kill than normal enemies but are worth more than them. Let's have an example: The SMB3 Koopa Kids. They act the same as in SMB3 and are worth 2 points upon dead. Also, their wand will drop at a random spot in the map and whoever grabs it gets 1 extra point. Got it memorized?

Also, doors. Yeah, you know how they work but let's make them warps.

And throw in Pirahna Plants as stage hazards. You can set them so that they respawn or not.


Ooh, why not a time limit option for all modes except for Tag and Ztar, for obivious reasons? This would obiviously remove the Time Limit mode yet expand it! Of course, the time limit would work like, well, Time Limit mode in all modes except for Classic and Survival, where it'd work more like SSBM (Whoever is the last one standing or has the most lives when time runs up wins).  (To which Jared added: "Or a life-limit option for games that usually run on frag-limit, like Frenzy and CTF. (I'd LOVE to play CTF lives-style.) Timed tag could work - make points go up, and whoever has the least when time runs out wins. Timed Ztar would also work - whoever died the least when time runs out wins.")


Speaking of eye-candy, how about a fog effect, like in Super Mario World? That would be pretty cool...

Quote from: "RanceMuhammitz"
First of all, I'd like to thank the author for making such a cool game.

Lots of games --Super Smash Bros., Timesplitters, UT, and so on-- have player rewards which are displayed after a match. I think SMW would benefit from something like this.

A few ideas:

Mushroomhead - Win by collecting a 1-up mushroom
M. C. Hammer - Get 10 kills with hammers
Pancake - Get stomped 10 times
Suicide King - Jump on spikes/lava at least 8 times and win the match

(To which SleepyP replied: "how about "Voted Least Likely To Succeed" if your margin of defeat is big, like you got beaten by 75% of the goal score or more...  example: in a Frag mode with the target score at 20, you fail to get even 5 frags before losing."
(To which Jared replied:

"Some reward ideas:

Reversal - You jumped someone who just jumped you, without any other KOs in between
Can't Touch This - Stayed winner through the whole game"

Wasabimario later suggested: "deadliest", "serial stomper" - 5 consecutive stomp deaths, "ninja elite" perfect, no deaths, "most elusive")

Quote from: "Randy"
Donkey Kong game mode: This would be just like the orginal game. Dk stands at the highest level on the map and throws barrels down and the first player to kill him wins.

Bowser stomp mode: Bowser is placed somewhere randomly on the map and shoots fire and throws hammers. The first player to score a certain about of hits (such as 20) on Bowser wins. Also Bowser should have the same effect as spinies i.e. kills any player who touches him. He can only be damaged by items and hitting blocks he is standing on.

Don't die while powered up: This could be an option where the player reverts to normal instead of dieing if he has a power up. For example p1 has a fire flower but gets jumped on by p2. P1 doesn't die but instead loses his power up.

Quote from: "Rico"
My sole suggestion is the Koopa Shell, properly modelled so it can stop if jumped on, and restarted. HOWEVER whenever it's restarted it gets faster, allowing players to kick/dodge it back and forth at stupid speeds until someone inevitably dies. Add a timeout so a player can't just keep jumping on the shell to speed it up.

This could even create a new gamemode, where all powerup blocks (+ random spawn if no powerup blocks) produce koopa shells and you only collect points if you kill someone with them. This probably requires a larger size of level, though.  (To which Jared added: "New item - 'Speed Shell'?")

Quote from: "Sgraff87"
How about powerups from other Mario related games such as the hammer from Donkey Kong.
Or how about a barrel mode kinda like the Goomba, but you cannot kill these.
How about a powerup that reverses the other player's controls.  (For which wasabimario suggested the name "Sour Mushroom" and Booman77 suggested the name "Reverse Mushroom")
Perhapse more environmental dangers such as the spinning fireballs from the Koopa castles.
Or how about some modes that use the teams to more effect like volley ball or something of the sort.

Just some ideas.


I don't know if these were suggested yet.

1. Powerup Knockout. When another player hits a block under another player who has an powerup, they will loose it much like the versus mode on SMB3.
Another players then can grab it. (To which wasabimario added: "This one would be killer!")

2. Time based projectiles. After the game goes on for so long, projectiles start to show up like the old fashioned versus mode. Like fireballs coming from the sides to take out players.

4. Volcanic Pipe. Remember there was another versus game in SMB3 where there was just a big pipe that would shoot out coins and fireballs? I think that would be pretty cool to have in SMW also.

6. Hazards. Actually be able to put in the level hazards like the bullet bill cannons. And the fire cannons from SMB3 bowsers ships.


-When having firepower, the player's color changes. Like the red becomes a brighter red color.

-Although it is similar to the racoon tail, I suggested the rabbit ears. Basically the same thing with the slow float-down. Just as an alternative idea.

-The harzardous spinning orb that in the SMB3 castles. Or the fire ones from the original SMB.

-Parabeetles? You can jump on them as they pass by.

-Card roulet mode. Player hits the spinning boxes hoping to get three of the same in the row. Or even a item box that spins like that as an alternative to the question mark box.

-Planted nippers. Work like spikes.


How about Booby traps?

A player steps on a special block and pow a block falls on him or the floor gives out and he falls into lava or spikes?

Or how about switch activated platforms?


Here is another idea that I came up with.

A mode where players have coins with them at the start. When stomped, they do not die but the coins scatter around much like sonic the hedgehog. Other players then can collect them. If the player is out of coins and gets stomped, then the player is out of the game.  (For which the names "Greed" and "Cash Clash" were suggested, and to which this poster added, "The coins could have a short life span. A few seconds after being scattered they start to blink and disappear. That way not all of the coins will be collected at a time and they start to cut down until the player does not have any."  Da Spadger also said: "When you die, some coins aren't dropped at all, they disappear instantly. So that if you stomp someone with 100 coins (Not plausible, but just bear with me on this one.) he drops just 66 of them. Eventually, there will be so few coins left that the match is practically over."  Jared suggested: "I also suggest for this mode that different attacks cause different amounts of coins to pop out. Proposal:

Jumping, Bullet Bills, Shells/Blue Blocks, Poison 'Shroom, map death: Base amount
Projectile weapons (fireballs, etc.), POW, MOd: 0.5x Base amount
Death by Star or Bob-Omb/B.B. Explosion: 1.5x base amount"


I guess I will list everything that I would like to see.

- When you get firepower, the players colors change. Like the red player becomes a brighter red color. Green into a brighter green. That way (other than looking nice) other players would know that you have the powerup.  (To which NMcCoy added: "I like this, and was actually working on finding a color scheme that worked well. I'd suggest swapping the 'red' colors in the palette to the player's fireball colors. Hammer could be indicated by darkening the 'red' colors, and boomerang by lightening it."

- Turnips from SMB2 that come from the ? box. Player can pick them up like the shell, but when thrown, it throws downward through solid tiles so you can hit and enemy that would usually be blocked away from you or under you.

- Greed Mode. Players lose coins that start with at the beginning when stomped. The coins will scatter around them like in Sonic the Hedgehog. Other players then can collect them. The coins can either have a short life and dissappear in a short time or just some are lost when stomped. When the player is out and gets stomped, they are out of the game.

- Stomp enemies are different according to the music style. If it is castle, then we have dry bones and ghosts. Underwater has the squids. Underground has buzzy beetles, grey goombas. Etc.  (To which NMcCoy added: "Not so much in favor of this specifically, though it's a neat idea. However, I definitely support the addition of bloopers to Stomp."

- Lakitu mode. Lakitu floats around above and throws down spinies. He will also randomy throw powerups.  (To which NMcCoy added: "I'd suggest Lakitu as a switchable Stomp enemy. Better yet, change Survival to be Infestation, then you can have normal life-based scoring with switchable enemies interfering and also justify the addition of difficult-to-kill enemies such as Spinies."

- Volcanic Pipe bonus game for tournament tour. Giant pipe in the middle that starts shooting out fireballs and coins. The players have to collect the most coins to win.  (NMcCoy: "Decent idea. Make it Volcanic Pipe(s), though, with the items emerging from all warps on the map.")

- Mario Bros. Mode. Mode like the old classic original Mario Bros. Kinda like stomp, but different. Enemies come out of pipes and players have to stomp them for points. Coins also appear randomly. And finally after so much time, the swirling fireball starts appearing on either side of the screen. Even having the original MB enemies would be nice also.  (NMcCoy: "Having enemies emerging from pipes is the most important idea here... For proper Mario Bros scoring, a coin emerges whenever anyone kills an enemy. The bouncing and anti-camping fireballs should be Infestation enemies.")

-Planted Nippers. The black nippers in SMB that can be used like spikes.

-Revolving platforms. Have platforms that revolve around a specific object.

-Repeating platforms. Like in 1-2 of SMB, a platform that will go through the top of the screen and appear back at the bottom.

- Platforms on strings. Like in SMB, two platforms. When the player is one one, it sinks while the other rises.

-Switch activated platforms. Hit a switch, platform starts.

-Parabeetles. Basically act just like in SMB3.  (NMcCoy: "For Infestation mode. Good."

-Hazards. In the map editor, you can put in the bullet bill cannons, the doom ship fire engines, the SMB3 castle hazardous orb things.  (NMcCoy: "Roto-disc could be handled as a hazardous tile on a circular line-guided platform. Also: Fire-bars, Grinders, Podobos, map-specific Infestation enemies (e.g., pirahna plants, chain chomps).")

-Card roulet mode. Player hits the spinning boxes hoping to get three of the same in the row. Or even a item box that spins like that as an alternative to the question mark box.

- Powerup Knockout. When another player hits a block under another player who has an powerup, they will loose it much like the versus mode on SMB3. Another players then can grab it. (To which wasabimario added: "This one would be killer!")

- Doors. Kinda like the warp pipes. Player goes into one, and comes out of the second.

-Appearing blocks. Blocks that appear only when hit like a normal block. You can pass through them when jumping downward, but when you jump up, you will hit it. It will then appear and become solid.  (NMcCoy: "YES. This goes in my "Blocks we NEED", along with bricks that have items, timed "10-coin" blocks, and "dud" 1-coin ? boxes. Hidden note blocks and side-bump wood blocks would be nice. (The last should be really easy to do...)")

-Boss Mode. Players get points when stomping a strong boss like one of the Koopa kids or Boom Boom.

-SMB2 ladybug things that climb vines. Useful for map making. You can see that in my map. I had to go with skulls because these were not available.

-Very rare P-Power cape that allows unlimited jumps in the air.

-Giant ? Boxes. Just something nice to have for making levels more interesting. Same with breaking blocks.

-Booby traps. Player steps on a special switch and the ground falls out from under him. This also can go with the switch activated platform. Also like the switches for defeating Koopa in SMB or the bosses in SML.

- The ability to turn on the pirahna plants. Kinda doesn't feel like SMB without them.

- Some SMB2 enemies in stomp. I would like to see shyguy in the game too.

These are just suggestions. But I would like to see them.


Another suggestion that I thought of. The flying ? mark boxes from SMWorld. They either be able to put in the level, or just randomly come by after so much time.

Dunno. Just a suggestion.


How about this. Players can create a save game in which the write their name and pick a skin etc. They will play the game and gain experience like an RPG. Basically after you win so much and gain experience, you will level up. That is when you can upgrade your stats on a point system like your jumping ability or speed. Possibly get some special techniques in.

Also perhapse you can gain cash and at the end of a match, you can buy powerups to use later.


Another suggestion is unlockables in the game.


Another idea that I came up with. We don't need this though. Enemies that come from ? mark boxes.

Also an enemy that steals powerups from players. A shyguy or something.  (To which Mr.Bob-omb added: "You mean Bandit?")


Another idea that I just thought up. Kinda sounds cool.

Crush mode. Basically there is a spiked or flat ceiling that slowly lowers. There is also a switch box that is randomly put on the screen as well. When the switch is hit, the ceiling raises to the top again and starts to lower again. The switch jumps to another location also.

I don't know if the scoring will be based on hitting the switch or just smashing other players.

If none of the players hit the switch in time, everyone with be smashed and the ceiling will rise back to the top again as the players respawn.

(To which SMW Fan added: "Score = lives." and this poster later added: "Different options to the mode. Either ceiling, walls, or possibly rising lava.
I don't know much about programming though. I liked the ceiling idea though. Kinda like the SMB3 castles.")


Might as well throw in a few more ideas.

-Bombs like in SMB2 that a player can pick up and throw. They have only so much time until the blow once the come from the question mark box. Basically they can be kicked but cannot damage players until it blows up. When exploding, it can blow up bricks as well as damage players.

-Lightening eyecandy. Kinda like the floating doomships.


Here is an idea that sounds pretty cool, but very hard to code on your part.

An enhanced tour mode that where the creator of the tour can make a overworld like in SMB3. You can scroll around and pick the level that you want or the tour might do it automatically for you. Also would be nice to have mushroom houses for bonus games to earn powerups.

Very complex, but I really like the idea. It would be pretty sweet to see it someday.


Latern mode. In this mode there is a latern on the level that is darkened. Basically there will be ghosts in the level that will go after all of the players who do not have the latern. Points based on how long the player has the latern.


A few more ideas to throw out here.

-homing shell from SMWorld

-Different colored coins in Coin Mode that give more points. Obviously being more rare than the gold.


Another idea is that players will also be able to choose a favorite powerup and be able to start each match with that specific favorite.


How about a mode resembling the game Pang where there are a few large bubbles bouncing around and the players have to hit it with a hammer or something and it splits until there are a couple small bubbles.

Basically you have to play the game to know what I mean.

Or the opposite. Players have to jump and hit the bubble before it hits the ground and knocks a ground block out. There could be spikes or lava or something under it.

Just another idea.


Another suggestion is P blocks that appear when a P switch (inserted through the map editor) is hit. This only lasts a few seconds before they disappear again and the P box appears again. This would be a nice alternative to the ON/OFF switch.

Yet another suggestion is the breakout blocks like in the Kirby series where there is a stick in the ground (I don't know what to call it) and when stomped, it blows out some specific blocks or whatever.


Eyecandy requests. I really don't expect these to happen, but it is worth the mention.

Water waves at the top. To give to illusion that the map is underwater.
More cloud choices.

One more thing. Can we have those ladybugs from SMB2 that climb vines in the game? It would like to use them in some levels.


I suppose if we need ideas for bonusgames, why not the ones from SML2?


I have another suggestion. When scoring in the game, how abou the points appear above mario's head like in the games?


Okay. I am moving the discussion of the golden mushroom as a powerup to here.

(there was an image here)

Here is my ideas so far about it being a powerup.

-Transforms other players into mushrooms that they still can control, but the player can collect them to get points.

-For a limited time, all mystery boxes give mushrooms. Or they give out a couple shooting out like the large mystery boxes in SMB3.

-Doubles or increases player's (the one collecting it) speed and jumping height.

That is all that I have right now.


This is something that I really would like. Be able to choose which skins are used in tour mode. Like use the bowser skin for the bowser map that I make in my tour mode.
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Quote from: "Shaman"
-Selecting spawn places. Like Player 1 spawns here, here and here. Player 2 spawns here etc.
-Playing with only 1 player for map tests etc.
-More(or Unlimited) teleports(warps).
-More triggers like starting or stopping platforms.
-More(or unlimited) coloured triggers.
-Writing text in maps.
-More messages like. Player 1 killed Player 2.
-Configurable Player Names.

Quote from: "SleepyP"
currently there is just one global map tileset, which defines graphics and behavior, correct?

after considering it for a while, here are my thoughts:
the addition of custom tilesets to the game would allow map makers much more creative freedom and make maps much more interesting without having to radically alter the game engine or included content. here's how i see it working:

a "tileset" would consist of a flat graphic (currently a BMP) whose dimensions must both be multiples of 32 but of arbitrary size, plus a text file which defines the position and type of each tile. by "type" i mean how the tile is to be treated by the game engine (hazard, bouncy, slip, etc). the file format would probably just be plaintext, with some allowance for commenting to make it easily editable. i'm assuming there is some sort of definition like this built into the binary. i'm thinking it would be a good idea to put this definition outside of the binary. this way, you can enumerate all available tilesets in the same way at the same time.

changes needed to incorporate this:
-add tileset info to map structure, which tells the engine which set each tile comes from
-add enumeration of tilesets (done at startup?) and tiles directory?
-add tile enumation and selection to map editor

the biggest problem with this change would be it would require a re-write of all current maps, right?

what are your thoughts?


this map inspires a new tile type:

(there was an image here)

i figure this one is complicated but worth looking into. i am thinking it would be reasonable to have slope tiles which have a slope value of 1 and 2, and maybe have ice/slippery versions. in the case of the above map, maybe you could have the lower portion of the sides be slippery, so if you hit it you have to run to keep from sliding in?
these are just ideas, any comments?

(To which mpinger replied: "Slopes WOULD be great for this map. My friend and I have been talking about slopes for awhile. We think you should be able to slide down them and kill players like in the later SMB games. I'm not suggesting having a special skin for sliding because I know what that means. I wonder if in the code you could just set a flag to say a player is sliding and then if they collide with someone in front of them they kill them. That way even if you slide on to a horizontal surface you could still kill them. You wouldn't have to necessarily be on the slope.

To balance the advantage of sliding you could make it so once you start sliding you can't stop. This way other players can predict your velocity and time jumps to squash you. I think it would be cool if sliding onto ice prolongs your slide even longer. I could see boards where you slide uncontrolled on ice into some lava.")


-Music Box: kindof like the stopwatch on steroids, puts everyone else "to sleep" for a couple seconds. the "sleeping" state could be conveyed visually by having zzz float up from the character and/or add some sort of color change.
-P-Switch: this should maybe be an item map authors specifically have to put in, but the SMB3 feel of much of the game isn't as complete without the PSwitch...
-Baby Yoshi: (okay this wasn't cut and pasted but I think I got it right) This would allow someone to kill other people by running into them, kind of like the star but only on one side -- the Yoshi eats them.

Quote from: "SMW Fan"
I have a good suggestion. More warp flags. I want 20 of them. :D


How about one of those Yoshi blocks that when you hit, eggs come out, then you can throw them at others. :lol:


I think when you press "b" in the level editor, it should show a list of the backgrounds. :lol:


Higher limits. Like Classic 100, Stomp 100, ect.


How about spinning platformes?

Quote from: "Someman"
Hey can you Set the Difficluty for differnt AI Players like (player 2: Easy Player 3 Hard ect.)

Quote from: "somestrangeflea"
A Bonus Block, the green block with a white star, from Super Mario World.

This block contains a 1UP, or nothing.

If the player trying to open the Bonus Block has 10 or more kills in a row, then out pops a 1UP mushroom, which only they can collect.

If the player does not have 10 kills in a row, then the block contains nothing.

The block resets after 30 seconds (changable in options menu).

(To which Jared added: "Make the number of required kills customizable.")


I'm thinking of a new sub-mode setting for Chicken.

Basically, Player 1 is the Chicken at the start of the game. His score climbs up, just like the normal game, but there is no target score. When P1 is killed, P2 becomes the Chicken. Then P3, then P4. Whoever has the most points once everyone has been the Chicken is the winner!

A changable option could be the number of turns each person has as the chicken.

(To which Jared added: "Better yet, have the first player to make a kill be the first Chicken. If you kill the Chicken, and you haven't been Chicken yet, you become Chicken. If the Chicken dies from hazards or from someone who has already been Chicken, nobody's Chicken anymore. Then the first player to make a kill who hasn't been Chicken yet is made Chicken. To simplify things, the last person to become Chicken automatically becomes Chicken as soon as the second-to-last Chicken dies (and it's at that point that the hurry-up music plays).

Oh, and to address Peardian's comment: have the game cut off prematurely if anyone hits the regular limit (they win instantly).")


Changes to tile properties should be saved in the map, so they can be used on any system.

Quote from: "stanace"
-The ability to jump off a falling donut.

Quote from: "Tiptup300"
I'm seriously confused why nobody wants custom goals like instead of a set #, you should be able to set it for each game, lol


Animated BG's!!!, Nice if you could read in AVI's, SSBM vids would be great :D

Quote from: "wasabimario"
What about Game SLIDERS for adjusting the could have custom setups for the way the characters move, jump, slide, momentum, etc.

jump ala mario 1 vs mario 2, etc.


Bigger difference between running/walking speeds...i find the walk too fast. run could be a bit faster after gaining speed...but only if there's running room..


what about tournament mode. A series a games in succesion (that feature different maps and different modes..... and there's a cup awarded ala super mario kart at the end.) Also you could have a few really cheap wario ware type game breakers between games that give bonuses or something (like the winner starts the level with firepower in the next game).

You could have tournament files that can be prepared datafiles that set the parameters for a tournament (or order) to balance the game. or a random tournament...where you there is cpu generated tourney.

(To which this poster added: "The current tourney mode is a running talley of scores. Not an organized series of games. Right now the user can change map and game mode, etc. What I'm thinking is tourneys that are either pre-organized (like say, a circuit in mario kart...) The option would be to make a tourney, basically it would have map info and limitations, poweups etc, game mode. I see there being a kind of 'tourney map' ala mario world where you see what's ahead and the cup at the end."


invsibility (ghost) powerup....

fun because:

- allows you to possibly get away and get to advantageous position.
- don't know exactly where your character is...hard to control but fun (perhaps you could have a ghostly outline appear every few seconds...and disappear a hint)
- fun to try to stomp on oppenent who is invisible (perhaps a double kill bonus for that)



fun because: launch your enemy up in the air...

- launch your buddy up in the air toward a higher area...

- use in conjunction with a thwump to launch yourself up in the air...


Special item that makes every character the same skin as the character who used the item. think 4 red marios. or 4 blue toads. This is to add a temporary confusion to the have to keep your eye on your character....


mean star:

you know how the star has a happy face.

this one has a frown and crushes and fool who tries to pick it up.

basically a star that bounces around for a while, stomping any player until it flashes away.


spiked helmet:

an item that the user has to trigger to put on.

fun because: item sits in "extra item" slot and can be used when someone is about to jump on them. lasts for a short duration.
Idea is that if your opponent has a spiked helmet, you would try to either trick them into wasting it by trying to land beside them. (in the same way you try to trick your oppenent to waste their red shells in mario kart battle mode.)
doesn't make you imune to other attacks, like fireball.


medusa's touch:

power item that allows you to:

tag an opponent to turn them into "stone" temporarily. By stone i mean, just a grayscale (although not necessary to change color), but just the character stopped in mid-animation. This "stone" character can be picked up, thrown around and used like an attack weapon, kick him at other opponents. For a limited amount of time only.


Tanooki Tag: Same as tag except when you are tagged "it", you become a tanooki statue for a few moments (are are frozen) before returning to the normal state. If you tag someone in the air, it gives you the satisfying effect of watching the player turn into a statue and plummet.

Freeze Tag: Basically in this mode, you have to tag all opposing players at the same time before getting a point... This is a point tag system. If you were to play 2 teams of 2. the 2 players that are "it" would have to tag both opposing players and "freeze" them at the same time to get a point.

You are given so much time to accumulate as many complete freeze tags as possible. Once time is up, it turns over to the other team to try to get as many complete freeze tags as possible.

(this is the same turn based style as burnout:revenge on live)

Also, of course, if your teamate is frozen, it's up to you to unfreeze them by touching them yourself.

ALSO: For tag in general, I like the idea of a DUNCE CAP for the team, player that is 'it', rather than flashing.

(To which this poster later added: "an Addition to the game of 'Freeze Tag' i already suggested on page 1of the Suggestions thread:

While frozen, a player can be picked up and tossed. This would allow the player(s) that are freeze tagging to move the frozen player into an advantageous area on the map. And they wouldn't be able to freeze tag another player if they are holding or have just let go of a frozen player. This allows for some balance and strategizing.

Graphically i think you could do a number of things:

-Change the palette to monochromatic light blue for ice
-Change the palette to monochromatic grey for stone
-Or use a translucent block of ice sprite in conjunction with the above mentioned monochromatic light blue palette change to make it look like the player is actually in ice.

I like all three.")


Hot Potato Handicap: (this fits in with the minigames i had in mind for in between the tour stops)

A minigame that would work well within the new custom tours.
Basically the characters within the tour, let's say 4, would be placed in a "circle", or semicircle using existing graphics. Music begins and the hot potato is tossed on to one of the players.

Object of the game: Don't get stuck with the hot potato (could be replaced with a mario universe alternative - like bo-bomb??)

How to win: mash your buttons when and only when the hot potato is tossed to your player. The hotter the potato gets, (the potato would get redder), the more tempo of the music increases, the more amount of mashing the buttons the player has to do to get rid of the potato.

To begin, maybe only a minimal amount of mashing would be required at a easy pace. tap, tap, tap. but soon, it would become manic, as the potato becomes "stickier' as it get hotter.

Players might even be able to direct, with the controls, which player they want to aim it at next. (maybe it doesn't always go where you want it to...maybe it has a bit of a mind of it's own, especially when it gets hot)

anyway. The player that ends up with the hot potato has to play with some kind of handicap the next round...or maybe the other players get random powerups.

I picture this as a quick 20-30 second button mashing experience.


another minigame:

RACE. All players start on left side of screen, finish light on right side of screen. Ready set go... If players false start. they are stalled momentarily, otherwise, alternate between the two buttons (A and B), back and forth. first to the line wins random bonus item, awarded by the princess or a lakitu.


How has this not been mentioned yet? MB2 magic carpet. Sweet powerup and stealable....

You could make maps where the magic carpet would be excellent tool...esp. combined with fireflower. like a big open space in the middle.


Player swap item: When used, swaps your player location with next closest player.. Very good for when someone is about to stomp on you.... swap locations and all of sudden, you're stomping on them....


Powerup items that change the character's jumping behaviour to either Princess or Luigi jumping behaviour from SMB2. Again, just the behaviour, not turning into luigi or princess.. the animations could be adjusted to make the feet move fast when doing a luigi type jump and just spread when doing a princess type jump.


penalty item, that makes it as if your character is on ice even on regular tiles. last a certan amount of time.

you could call it oil slick boots or icy boots or oily feet ! wet feet...

you could have a small particle animation to make as if the character is slipping on water....

(To which Mr.Bob-Omb suggested the name "Freezie Feet")


how's this for an idea?

The Map Discombobulator

i was thinking of maps for different seasons and how it would be cool to have the same map, but with a spring,winter, fall, summer version, with possibly different particle rain, snow, etc.

and then i thought..wait a minute maybe something simple can be done with current maps to make them seem new all the time....

what if you could swap all the tiles of a map with tiles that are similar in design. for instance, corners would stay corners, but let's say grass is exchanged for dirt, etc.

tiles would have to be grouped together with some form of metadata saying that they are grass and then they can be entirely swapped for a dirt or ice or whatever family of something else. on the level select screen, perhaps you could not only select the map, but also the "map skin", which would mean swapping tilesets for different ones (perhaps even in a random fashion)...i'm sure you could then swap the backgrounds too...

so in the end, what you have is a single map that can have many variations of theme and doesn't need additional map work to make them....

i think this would give the illusion that there are an infinite amount of maps, because, visually, they wouldn't get boring, even if you keep going back to your favorites...


When on same team, players go through each other...

what if...

a tag team like system where one player can "pick up" the other player and "kick them up vertically" or jump and then the other player could jump from the 1st player's hands... essentially a double jump, but effected by both players consecutively. this would be used to get to hard to reach places as a team...and it adds more of a "team" aspect to it.

if stomped on...maybe both die?

maybe the player that is going to be picked up has to remain still for the other player to pick them up, otherwise, you'd go through each other as normal.


another button mashing minigame: each player has to inflate a piece of bubble gum by mashing buttons....once the bubble inflates enough, the character starts floating upward, the player would stop mashing to deflate and avoid obstacle, etc. but must avoid something in the air, to get to the top of the screen and the mystery bonus item.)


Music wise, i think it would be great if you could just enable/disable however many packs you want and it would select randomly between those packs, rather than having to toggle between packs on the menu.


1st item: when used flips the screen on its horizontal axis (maybe a quick anim of the screen flipping). basically you would play in a mirrored level, for a short period of time. I also thought the controls would be reversed (horizontally) so to go left, you'd press right, etc.

2nd item: when used flips screen vertically, so basically the controls remain the same, but it's the view as if you were hanging from the ceiling upside down and playing the game. basically, only the view is flipped the game plays the same. SO you would fall toward the top of the screen as your character would be upside down. get it?


Zombie mode (slightly different than Chicken with a Tag element)

In this mode, the first player killed becomes a "zombie" (i thought that you could alter the color palette to make the skin color go green, but essentially, you become a less able character like in chicken). The "zombie" has to now tag other players to make them "zombies"..... Zombie players essentially become part of the same "team" and chase around the normal characters. After the first "zombie" is determined, the other players' counters start counting. [EDIT: and the counter stops when you become a zombie] Once the "zombies" tag the last normal player standing, players are respawned in a puff of smoke and it starts again until someone's counter hits a target number.   (To which Jared suggested: "Why not have them turn into shyguys instead? That way they could keep their team color, but still be distinguishable. Plus I think a shyguy-themed mode would be cool."

This poster later added:

"ADDITION to Zombie Tag or Shy-guy tag. or whatever:

Because it's tag, the only way the non-zombie characters could kill/touch the zombie characters would be with a Star. Which would be fun, because if you got one, and you had 3 'zombies' chasing you, because they are less manoeuvrable, you could kick some butt with the star. Of course, the 'zombies' stay 'zombies' until everyone is caught.

[EDIT] I think it would be cool to make the "zombies" immune to fireball, boomerang, hammers, etc. that way they are kind of more imposing."

To this, Jared replied: "I think both of these would be awesome - even out the slowing-down and the lower jump by having them totally invulnerable to everything but stars, and maybe even immune to spikes. But should they be able to fire weapons and use items, still?"

To which this poster added:

"i say no firing of weapons for "zombies"...although they should be able to hit a "?" block and acquire the item to make it disappear from gameplay so that the non-zombie players cannot acquire it would just disappear.

Maybe after the last player standing is tagged by a "zombie", they get to keep their weapon if they have one....that way it becomes important for the zombies to do as above and steal/remove the items/powerups from "?" blocks. Because they would be at a disadvantage starting next total respawn and are more likely to be "zombified" first.

When normal players kill each other (after the first "zombie" has been determined), normal players would simply respawn but would lose out on some counter time.")


i'm not totally sure if i've mentioned this before...


this mode borrows the small numbers on a target, like in race.
In this mode, each player will have a set number of targets to reach (let's say something like 30). Targets can be anything from, flying blocks (like in race), to enemies (goombas), to coins, to other players (THIS makes it interesting).

After a few seconds of play,each player receives their first target. As noted above, this target could be many things.

Example: Red player's first target is a goomba. There would be a small red indicator above/on the goomba. If red player manages to stomp/kill goomba, red player gets a point and a new target. If the goomba was killed by a different player, then red player must wait for a moment to receive a new target. The next target could very well be an enemy player. In this case, they must stomp/kill that player for a point/next target.

The slight waiting time caused by having another player stomp/get your target, gives incentive to throw other players off.

So the idea is to collect as many targets as possible as quickly as possible while all the while impeding the other players by stomping/killing/stealing their targets.


Tag up mode: Essential a 2p mode where each player selects 2 characters for their team. Each player can only control one character at a time, but can freely switch between his 2 characters by pressing a button.

Basically you could play any number of games like this: stomp, coin, ctf, just think....

It might be a fun mode when you only have 2 players...

(To which this poster later added: "the idea is that when you tag, you leave your other character stranded since you can only control one character at a time. It's part of the fun. Strategically, you'd want to not leave one of your characters out in the open, if you can manage it. (Also, strategically, you could jump and then press the "tag" key/button in midair to allow your first character to complete a jump, while already controlling the other player.....and then switch back...and so on...)")


Is it possible to add a minimap (maybe in the style of smb 3) to show an overview of the tour and where you are at in the tour. Because, when you begin a tour, you can't preview what's coming up or what you've done. It would be nice to have a "map" that shows a small pic of the map you've played with a symbol of the game type. You could have a layout similar to smb 3 and put a player "stamp" on the small pic (or above or below) on the level that has been completed.

How about a mariokart style podium at the end of the tour???


-for modes like coin and classic: option to win by 2.... so that close battles are heated
-tours. should be a summary of who's winning/losing etc. (ala mariokart)
-tours. pausing in tours could bring up the status window (of who's won/lost the previous rounds) instead of having to exit the game to see it.

Quote from: "Xijar"
Oh, and one other dumb idea I was thinking about is maybe having some way you can kill yourself if you push some combo of buttons, like pushing all four directional buttons down at the same time or something. On some maps I've found it annoying when I get trapped somewhere in which I can't get out of, and no one can kill me either.


Oh, and the warp whistle? Ok, get this. It saves everyone's current items and scores, but then changes the map suddenly to a random other map in the maps directory. That would be crazy, and awesome.

Quote from: "YoshiMonarch7"
Make "No eyecandy" the default for new maps.

I keep forgetting to turn it off. :S


Some things I'd like to suggest:
-Warps/Interaction Blocks/Move Tile Mode on platforms.
-Fix for spawning inside platforms (Automatically move up until you pop out?)
-Move platforms off of screen.
-Some item to apply a temporary shield.
-Players who fall into lava don't die until half of the sprite is inside the tile (More of a visual effect than anything; Right now they die before even touching it, which looks odd.)

Quote from: "ZoDIaC"
I got a suggestion straight from the super mario games, hidden blocks =D


About those blocks flying from you when you make +3 kills... How about making a non-numeric one, to be used for +10 kills... Like a star or something like that. Oh and I don't mind having only 10 blocks flying off people when they've killed more than 10 people, it would get too messy otherwise xD.
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(No subject)
« Reply #3 on: July 31, 2006, 05:33:09 PM »
Well I might as well start out here.

Basically color effects. These work like eyecandy and what they actually do is have a transparent color over everything. So we can have nighttime levels like in SMBAS, blue for underwater levels, white for fog or snowstorm, and red for lava levels. If I forgot any, you might as well mention it.
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« Reply #4 on: July 31, 2006, 05:38:34 PM »
How About online support for friends who have but live far away!
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(No subject)
« Reply #5 on: July 31, 2006, 05:53:11 PM »
How about you read the damn list?
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« Reply #6 on: July 31, 2006, 08:59:24 PM »
Hitting ? Blocks should sometimes give you coins in coin mode. And since hitting enimies with fireballs gives you a coin in Mario Games, you should get 1 coin for defeating an opponent with a fireball, this does not affect the opponents score.
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« Reply #7 on: August 01, 2006, 01:20:47 AM »
Quote from: "Mr.Bob-omb"
Hitting ? Blocks should sometimes give you coins in coin mode. And since hitting enimies with fireballs gives you a coin in Mario Games, you should get 1 coin for defeating an opponent with a fireball, this does not affect the opponents score.

I thought if you defeated an enemy with a fireball, it would drop (or turn into) a coin, not you getting one automatically... but that was only put into Super Mario World and NSMB.
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« Reply #8 on: August 01, 2006, 01:29:52 PM »
Minor alteration to the list - hopefully the list of popular suggestions is more obvious now.
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« Reply #9 on: August 01, 2006, 03:25:18 PM »
how about switches that me ? block disappear!
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mushrooms that make enemies grow
« Reply #10 on: August 01, 2006, 03:27:08 PM »
Stomp with enemies, or goomba mode with

mushrooms that make the enemies grow to double size  (hopefully this can be achived by scaling, even if it looks blocky...and if not, it would only require additional skin graphics for a small set of enemies).   Perhaps they cannot be stomped when they are double size and a fireball or hammer shrinks them down back to normal size.  There would be some kind of block that would spit out the powerups...(this way, a player might want to prevent the enemy from collecting the power up and jump to get it first).

If a player gets the mushroom, it has no effect....or perhaps it can "shrink" like has already been suggested. or be a 1up.

In this mode, or with this option, other powerups might be collectable by enemies....stars (excited, invulnerable and faster enemies) or flower might make the enemy change color to a reddish hue and if you touch or try to stomp it, it kills you (flames you: basically normally death but with smoke particles following your fall)....

i kind of like enemies getting powerups or at least an option or mode that allows it.
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« Reply #11 on: August 01, 2006, 03:29:38 PM »
Quote from: "Booman77"
how about switches that me ? block disappear!

or change locations....

i like... :wink:
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« Reply #12 on: August 01, 2006, 04:00:46 PM »
Or how about a special switch that make special blocks switch with other blocks like in kirby canvas course (double color switches)
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« Reply #13 on: August 01, 2006, 04:25:19 PM »
Make a "Rotten Mushroom". It makes your player "lie" poisoned on the ground. He cannot move and will not respawn. If he is hit by an enemy , hit by a shell/iceblock etc or stomped by another player he will die and respawn.
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« Reply #14 on: August 01, 2006, 04:42:39 PM »
that's seems a bit too much..
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