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[Mortal Pwnage] About
« on: December 12, 2006, 03:19:08 PM »
2d beat em up project.

on hold. there are cooler projects to do

info stuff (planned / implemented / suggested)

  • it's be a fighting game. (beat'em'up)
  • it has something to do with mortal kombat
  • you are able to create skins for it, but it probably will take longer than for smw.
  • usually you'll want to use a digital camera to create skins.
  • it should be incredibly easy to publish your skins and access other people's skins ingame.
  • the fighting system won't bee too complex. don't expect killer
  • instinct-esque combos, best don't expect combos at all.

Quote from: "Florian"
what i currently am working on is a simplified version of the way m.u.g.e.n. handles things.

1) no graphical editor, but text file hell. (if you want to create your own... no problem though)
2) you define animations, every animations consists of different frames + offsets to determine where to draw it
3) actions are currently defined in code, might be offloaded to m.u.g.e.n. like configuration files, but ain't sure (see later why). collision zones / damage zones are rectangles + offsets. polygons + tweening is by far too sophisticated and gameplay-wise it makes little to no difference.

on the actions: atm i don't want to turn this into the overconfigurable monster m.u.g.e.n. is. the basic idea behind that game is that you and some of your friends can "import you" into a 2d fighting game and "battle it out". configuring seperate moves etc would be too much overkill, when "just dropping in the images and start playing" would also do it.

but as always everything is open source. if another Two52 comes along and turns this into ye-cool-2d-fighting-game i'm perfectly fine with it.

~1000 lines of code.
ruby + ruby/sdl
ruby is cool for rapid game programming!
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Quote from: "Tiptup300"
My contribution to Florian is not to start too many projects, I used to do it constantly and got NOTHING DONE. So I'd either stick with this or the other stick figure one. Personally I think this would be better, since its a good concept and seems like it could be much more fun then the stick one. The stick one seems more like just a cheap flash game idea, no offense.

been there, done that.
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