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Super Mario War SDL2 Build
« on: October 07, 2019, 11:02:56 PM »
Since I went through the trouble of compiling this, I figured I'd share the build here. (Source code came from here.)

Download Super Mario War SDL2 Build

It contains the following features compared to 1.8 Beta 2:
  • SDL2: The graphics look more crisp in fullscreen mode.
  • Beta 2 secrets disabled.
  • Online multiplayer: Non perfect, use at your own risk!
  • Includes additional music, 16-bit sound pack, and 8-bit GFX pack.
  • Level/world editors not included. These apparently have not been ported to SDL2. If you need these, just download 1.8 Beta 2, and extract Leveleditor.exe, Worldeditor.exe, and all the DLLs into the \Data\ folder.