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[MOD] [WIP] Super Cat Wars (A Super Cat Tales Mod)
« on: September 04, 2019, 10:38:17 AM »

A Super Cat Tales Mod for Super Mario War 1.8 Beta 2
by Jaden1291 the Toad aka. agenthexagon/AgentJDN

Hello! This is my first post on 72dpiarmy forum, and this is a development thread for my SMWar mod "Super Cat Wars."

What is Super Cat Wars? It changes every aspect of Super Mario War into the style of Super Cat Tales and the Neutronized game universe in general. Super Cat Tales is one of my recent favorite games, and I had the idea of making this mod in a long time since the first time I created the skins for characters Alex, Olli, and Shinji, and modifying the music in the game to use SCT music.

I started making this mod since August 21, 2019.

My goal for Super Cat Wars is to make it a building block for rebuilding Super Mario War's popularity, since I'm planning to upload this mod to the Super Cat Tales official Discord server, MFGG forums, and the Super Mario War discord server.

ORIGINAL SMWAR BY: Florian Hufsky and 72dpiarmy
MUSIC COMPOSED BY: Rakugaki-otoko (Dreamsbell)
SUPER CAT WARS MOD BY: Jaden1291 the Toad aka. Hexelectron

In memoriam of Florian Hufsky... 1986-2009. Thank you for creating this awesome game, I'll miss you so much.

There's a Story Mode coming soon!

In Super Cat Wars, a battle royale tournament is being held in Neko Land, but the Golden Paw Trophy is soon stolen by the evil Dark Kallio! Our contestants must adventure across Neko Land to stop the Kardion League and take back the Golden Paw Trophy! Maybe something sinister is in the works... but there's no way we can easily tell that!

- It's a complete mod! What do you expect?
- One of my ambitious side-projects besides my usual Just Shapes and Beats fanstories.
- VARIOUS extended tilesets and decorations based on the Super Cat Tales and Neutronized Universe Games (Drop Wizard Tower, Slime Pizza, etc.)
- Old and new backgrounds, featuring afternoon/night variants for almost each background
- Featuring 9 playable cats! (Alex, Brutus, Shinji, Kuro, Amy, Olli, Sergeant McMeow, Luna, and Pascal)
- And Neutronized crossovers! (Teo from Drop Wizard, Slime from Slime Laboratory/Slime Pizza, etc.)
- And so much more! (third-party crossovers (Kirby, Dadish, Shovel Knight, Pikuniku, etc.), community skins, and more!)
- Lots of playable maps, with more to come in future releases!
- 3 worlds!
- Take bells to kittens!
- Made with love and care!
- Dedicated to Florian Hufsky and Gionathan Pesaresi.

Progress Reports
- Menu Graphics - 25%
- World Map - 0%
- Mode Objects - 50%
- Backgrounds - 10%
- Tilesets - 50%
- Powerups - 80%
- Skins - 30%
- Sounds and Music - Complete
- Sample Levels - 10%
- Sample Worlds (3) - 0%

Screenshots (NOT FINAL!)

When will the game be available for download?
When it's done, of course. I can't make any promises! And I have school to tackle as well so don't expect any fast progress.

Game downloads will be posted on the 72dpiarmy forums, Super Mario War Discord, 1up World, MFGG MyBB forums, Super Cat Tales Discord server, and my personal Discord server. New progress screenshots will be posted mostly on the Super Cat Tales and SMWar Discord servers!
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Re: [MOD] [WIP] Super Cat Wars (A Super Cat Tales Mod)
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2020, 12:31:19 AM »

Nobody checks the forums lol
SMWar is my childhood, and I thank everyone who helped make it. :)
Currently working on a pack with all the SMW files I can find... send me anything you got! (Last updated 2020-11-09)

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Re: [MOD] [WIP] Super Cat Wars (A Super Cat Tales Mod)
« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2020, 09:10:01 AM »

Nobody checks the forums lol

Are you sure?

Nice mod btw, this means the resurrection of SMW
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Re: [MOD] [WIP] Super Cat Wars (A Super Cat Tales Mod)
« Reply #3 on: March 15, 2021, 06:52:37 AM »
Hey everyone! Big update! I've been working Super Cat Wars full-time, and I'm feeling confident that I might release it this year. However, a lot of updates aren't posted here on my topic, instead I've been posting them on my Discord server dedicated to the mod itself!

To get more updates on the game, check out the Discord server for Super Cat Wars mod:

Anyways, I'm gonna show you some recent updates I made to the game:
Some new backgrounds from a variety of Neutronized's games are being added to Super Cat Wars. Also, there's tons of new tilesets, including compilations from Thomas K. Young's Dadish, Dadish 2, and Super Fowlst 2!

If you haven't noticed, there's a lot of new skins added to Super Cat Wars, including ones based on crossovers like Part Time UFO, Kirby, Just Shapes & Beats, and Dadish! Check them out in action:
Piku & Niku (Pikuniku) and Cactus (Yokai Dungeon):

Vampire, Fox Lady, Ninja, and Skull-Boi (Yokai Dungeon):

Tomo & Bobo (Drop Wizard/Super Cat Tales):

Fowlst (Super Fowlst):

When the impostor is sus! :o (Among Us):

Jobski (Part Time UFO) and Helicopter, Friend, and Boat (Just Shapes & Beats):

A lot of tilesets have been added to Super Cat Wars, making the game have over 20 tilesets in total. Here's some of them:


Swap-Swap Panda/Zombie Goes Up:

Dadish 2 (Includes custom content):

Slime Labs/Slime Laboratory 2 (Warning: Contents not final):

And to top it off, here's a little surprise for our fellow 72dpiarmy folk:
That's right - Super Cat Wars will be having a STORY MODE!
For the first time ever, a Super Mario War mod is getting its very own Story campaign that can be played from the World Mode! Play as your favorite cast of skins as you travel across Neko Land to stop the Kardion League (led by Dark Kallio) and take back the Golden Paw Trophy and finish the Battle Royale tournament!

Here's a sneakpeek of the Kardion League's group members, posted here. More information on my Discord server!

And that's all for my post update on Super Cat Wars. No, this project is not cancelled! It's still my ongoing passion project. Now to make backups of it... *runs back to the PC*

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Re: [MOD] [WIP] Super Cat Wars (A Super Cat Tales Mod)
« Reply #4 on: September 09, 2021, 01:59:08 PM »
Pretty cute. Hope you will continue