Author Topic: [1.8b2 Mac port] 'Music & Sound' option greyed out in options menu on new mac  (Read 5479 times)

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Sound works on the old mac laptop I have, but the game lags. On my new computer, the game runs smooth as butter, but with no sound.

I would provide a screenshot, but I have no clue how to upload one, and whenever I screenshot SMW, it doesn't show the contents of the window in the screenshot.

I've tried redownloading a few times, which did not help. Still no sound.

Anyone have a solution?

Also, I can't actually start the game by double-clicking it. I have to right click it and go Show Package Contents, then Contents > MacOS and then double click on the executable there. When I do this on the old mac laptop, I still have sound. On my computer, I get no sound.