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My apologies in advance if this is the wrong thread to post this in.

A while back, I recently stumbled upon Super Mario War again. This game was a big thing in my childhood and I saw that the project is discontinued. With my project I aim to recreate a game similar to SMW with a level editor, custom maps, tilesets, and skins. All with the ability to upload them online for others to download and use. The base game won't be Mario themed, but don't worry, eventually you will be able to add your own skins very easily.

Here are some screen shots:

I'm open to any ideas or suggestions. This game will be very similar to SMW but now is an opportunity to have new features, game modes, and mechanics, never seen in Mario games before! If you're interested in this project please let me know :)

MC Jimmy:
Is this actual ingame stuff or just mock ups?

Actual stuff I've made so far.

Also, multiplayer functionality would be a thing.

MC Jimmy:
Well, if you have something substantial and you are looking for some music, I could possibly help. Don't know what kind of music you are looking for.


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