Author Topic: 100-Mario challenge! Super Mario Maker Mystery Mushrooms as Skins.  (Read 11886 times)

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Hi, I'm Skapokon. You probably know about Super Mario Maker, right? The newest entry of the Mario series where you're allowed to create your own levels for Super Mario Bros, Super Mario Bros 3, Super Mario World and New Super Mario Bros U. Well, you should also know that there's an exclusive power up for the Super Mario Bros level skin called "The Mystery Mushroom", that gives Mario skins based on other Nintendo characters, mostly the ones with Amiibos.

The thing is, a Mario game with a Level Editor and skins... does it remind you of something?

This is why I'm planning to make all the Mario Costumes from Mario Maker as skins for Super Mario War. So far I've made 3:

Mario Kart Mario
Wii Fit Trainer

However, if any of you want to help, you can also help me on my "mission" to make all the costumes playable in SMW. Just add them in the comments.

Here they are all the costumes ripped by Random Talking Bush. (with the exception of the more recent updates)
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Re: 100-Mario challenge! Super Mario Maker Mystery Mushrooms as Skins.
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This might be something I could work on, cool idea
SMWar is my childhood, and I thank everyone who helped make it. :)
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