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GamerZ1's SMW Stuffs :v
« on: September 05, 2013, 08:25:52 AM »
GamerZ1's SMW Stuffs :v

Hi, ima new here, and i wanna show you bout this thingy
and all of them are 100% Original!!! =P

Classic GFX Packs Replacement, or just a part of GFX Packs
Sonic War (not all).
This Packs only contains some images, so it's not Full GFX Pack. Just replace it on "Classic" Packs or other Packs (but, don't copy the folder. Just cpy the inside the folder on zip file). backup the files if nececary :v
Download Link

Pacmania -->
Winrar :v -->
Sonic 2 (GG) -->
Sonic Pocket Adventure -->
Tails from Sonic 2 (GG) -->
Worms Kart -->
Worms Kart (Sport Edition) -->
BeanBon -->
Jet Kirby :v -->
Just right click and save image as (if working :v ). Don't forget to change the name if you want too, cause i upload it from :v

Sorry for my bad english.... really,really sorry =(
Hope you enjoy it! XD

(EDIT) --> BTW, ima using paint for all of them, cause "Paint" ROCkS!!! XD
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GamerZ1's Pixel Perfect :v
and I wanna make Super Sonic War too :v