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criticism and fresh ideas
« on: October 17, 2012, 05:30:00 PM »
I know the main-problem why everything is slowing down till death:

Super Mario War (1.7 - 1.8) is a very very good developed game.. it's very complex, and there's everything!!!
Content,Leveleditor,Content,different Gamemodes,Content,a perfect configuration menu,
User-Created-Content and a great usabilty - on slow computers - it's fast - you have no need to install java.
It's the perfect evil local-multiplayer game FROM HELL for windows.
Plug in your gamepads (no need for 360-Controllers bro) - config your keys (it's easy) play!!!

You need a big fan forum with a mario-game-like Design! You need it!
Then.. Super Mario War is Open Source? GPL? Download it and extend the base..
in the same code-language (the fast one, the perfect one for a real Super Mario War Game)
only then you will be able to create a game
thats worth to be called a sequel to the original!

Java.. a game in that status (public) -
it's a shame for all Super Mario War Players around the world.
We even deny the existence of this Game!
And we are Millions.. we blame you.

Yes i'm a troll. But my advices are from heaven. (even if i cant write english very well, it's a bad language at all)

1. Redesign - Fan Forum in Mario Style
=+ 10 000 board-Members
2. Build a squel based on the original
=unlimited fame + 100 000 board-Members, 5 000 000 Players, 1000 Pro Gamers, 200 Beta-Testers. 30-50 Devs
3. Make it possible to write language-files for smw, open up boards for the most common languages (check the statistics of your site (the mario-like new one))
(+ 10 000 000 Players)

Make dreams come real or this is the end. At the moment it seems that we ALL (Millions of Players) have to play the original till death.

i'm just a web-dev, so i maybe cant really say something about the game and code, but
come on.. this board is BLUE.
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