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Sunken City Adventure (Tour/Map Pack)
« on: September 20, 2012, 01:06:55 PM »
Well, it's flooding down in Mushroom City, and all of the telephone lines are down. The rational response to such a disaster is to...break into the city's now-submerged bank? That's the plan in this tour--drop in from the stormy skies and make your way through the ruined city's progressively wetter levels in order to rob that vault. Of course, there's a few unpleasant surprises along the way...

The Flight

The roads have been largely flooded, so the only way in is via air. The rain and wind has made the plane very slippery, so make sure not to get sucked into the engine or roasted by the exhaust.

Dropping In

Of course, the airport is also underwater; skydiving is the only option. But wait--where are the parachutes?

None-Too-Perfect Chaos

While the high-rises here are above water, the rain has slicked up the surfaces here; just what kind of a storm is this? [I actually made this as a single level, which inspired the whole tour. As for the name...well, let's just say that Sonic fans should get the reference.]

Water Over the Bridge

While the upper areas are still slick from the rain, the underwater section has normal friction...and a few pieces of the road missing. Mind the gaps!

To the Subway!

While the storm has calmed somewhat, no doubt there's some nasty things beyond that door... This is the last above-water section; the rest is a surprise.

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