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« on: August 27, 2011, 03:04:05 AM »
I came back here a while ago, hoping to find this place as active as it was when I used to be active here. nope.avi

I think one of the issues (besides the obvious one) is that while we say we will always love this awesome place, life catches up and we cannot keep our commitments. As much as we used to love it, this place just does not interest us as much any more, especially with all projects pretty much being stopped.

We had a good run, huh? I still have some of the old memes. I made a folder on my computer where I saved memories of this place, like the pirates and the 72dpi Super Mario Bros 2 game. I know right where it is; I should re-upload some of the old stuff. I also have a whole bunch of old Puit betas, and a couple of Florian's other projects like BeatNynja.

This place was awesome while it lasted and I will always remember you guys!

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Re: Memories
« Reply #1 on: August 29, 2011, 03:08:57 PM »
The Megaman 72 project is still going on I think.

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Re: Memories
« Reply #2 on: November 18, 2011, 06:42:29 AM »
Well we have some other things going on that hopefully will keep the community alive such as Megaman 72 or 72dpiStream. Hell, recent gameplay videos were uploaded of Megaman 72 and the 72dpiStream ALWAYS has weekly movie night on Fridays if you need something interesting to do to wind down the week you had.

I know a group of us still regularly keep in touch with one another off website. Our 72dpi home has expanded to even IRL friends joining on the stuff the original crew does. Some of us even met up with one another for a party. Things like that could happen all the time if everyone is willing and there is a little planning going on. You can't just sit around and hope everything happens. You need to make a little effort yourself.

Oh and I nearly forgot, Big JM and BMP are working on rewriting Super Mario War. The projects aren't dead, they just have different people working on them and different goals they are trying to achieve in their builds. The new Mario War looks very good from what I have seen in the screenshots, it could spark new life in the Super Mario War section if people are able to make bigger maps that use new terrain like slopes, one of the main things I have seen in the screenshots. Who knows, Two52 might see this and feel like he wants to work on something nice like Puit Wars as a tribute to Florian. Just hang in there, think of ideas to do with the community and post them. They might be a hit or a miss, but it doesn't hurt trying something new.