Author Topic: Note to all those who dislike or hate EE  (Read 4348 times)

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Note to all those who dislike or hate EE
« on: December 06, 2007, 09:27:39 PM »
If you don't like this place, why the hell do you continue to post in it?

Just because you have the privilege to post here doesn't mean you have to. Going around in this board complaining about various things about it is what we call TROLLING, and is a BANNABLE offense.

We honestly do not care if you hate the power abuse, if you hate the people, if you hate the topics, if you hate ANYTHING about this board. Anything like that is not acceptable to post here. It is not acceptable to post it in a thread, in a reply, in a quote, in a sticky, NO WHERE in here may you complain about it. Doing so for repeated amounts of times WILL get you banned, and there will be NO TOLERANCE for you afterwards. The next time you do it, you will get a lot more then just the privilege to post in EE revoked.

This board is honestly what you make of it and if you hate it, then people will hate you. In that case, it is much better to just stay away from the board. The more you continue to complain about the board, the more people here will hate you forum-wide. Complaining about this board in here WILL effect your reputation on whole so just don't risk it. It is not worth it, I assure you.

Nothing will change. Nothing will happen no matter how much you cry about it; like I said this board is what you make of it and the only way it'll change is if you change. There is nothing staff can do to change this board on whole except for banning people. This is because of the broad topic of the board; Anything and everything that is not related to the other boards.

This means that when people post here, you will see their true selves, you will be having real conversations with them that are unrestricted for the most part; so this forum will show people exactly what you are. Don't mess that chance up people.

A good example of this is Jared and LKA, they like to mess around, sure. It's not like it's harmful. That's what they're truly like; they like to have harmless fun.

Other people (not naming names) are too strict and feel the board is too lax. They hate the mod abuse, they hate a lot of topics in the forum, this shows you the true nature of these people, that they are strict and like things orderly.

Whether or not you like that, is up to your tastes.

Even if you do like that though, it is still considered trolling and only makes your reputation much worse then what it has to be, the more you push it.

This is a place where you are supposed to let it all go and simply sit back and enjoy the idle conversation. Since the topic is so broad, it's easy to just relax and let yourself go. Failure to do this, upsets how people look at you, ultimately. Because people can't see you as relaxed and able to have fun, it gets you hated in return. The basic idea is that, if you disturb the people, they will disturb back.

Like I said, this board is what you make of it. If you cannot make anything good out of it, then just don't post in this forum, not just for our sake, but for yours as well. Thank you.
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