Author Topic: Super Gameboy War*DROPPED*(Feel free to pick it up)  (Read 35776 times)

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Re: Super Gameboy War*DROPPED*(Feel free to pick it up)
« Reply #75 on: October 29, 2010, 08:29:13 PM »
A mod with KOF characters? I sorta remember making a KOF character her first name's sorta too sugestive to be used but it starts with Y. So lets just call her Yuki Sakazaki... I handrew the sprite. But it's a tad crappy since I don't shade often... But she was made in Game Maker(where I usually make skins.) And
Sorry for the the blab Pepe. And I am never normally around. So here's a screenshot. And is it ok to post screenshots? And it was hard to get Yuri to stand still and get at least one character with her. So I did it myself.
I hand-drew it with 4 variations overall and it sorta has a SMB2 feel minus the run style...
(And yes. That's the BG you see in the back >.>.)

And did I just say her name just now... Sorry guys...

I see what you did there...