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Title: Touhou 12 and 12.3
Post by: Mysterypea on August 22, 2009, 05:35:26 PM
Oops i'm late

Touhou 12 or Unidentified Fantastic Object Features a giant spaceship going back up after the touhou 11 incident ( or most importantly Utsuho just messing with geysers ) afaik.

Here's the problem, stage 6 might be one of the best stage 6's in the entire series, featuring alien invaders and the best music ever. The Boss is just plain, ugh...

Meet Hiziri Byakuren, a nice, gentle girl who just wants peace. She's one of those buddhists that you don't want to mess with. Well, yeah. The boss is fine and all. But the main characters just go all "fuck you lol" with her world peace plan and fight her. Eh, what? Also she's getting a meme where her arm is broken, real original, ze-

Then comes Yuyuko slash Yukari slash Tewi slash Shinki attacks

Note that i haven't shown all spellcards.

Aren't they vaguely familiar?[/spoilers:1h95tkht]

I haven't finish Normal mode yet, but i've 1ccd Easy ( in b4 low FPS, it was REALLY inconsistent and hard to play with ). So i can't really discuss Extra mode.

Guess who[/spoilers:1h95tkht]

I don't have any screenshots, but [spoilers:1h95tkht]Suwako and Utsuho are in the game, Utsuho being the new Aya and Suwako being Suwako with the weirdest of the controls in the game.[/spoilers:1h95tkht]

Story mode has been butchered, the AI has improved and if you really like story mode, you won't die when you get hit anymore. You got protection!

Discuss those two remarkable games now.
Title: Re: Touhou 12 and 12.3
Post by: Mewkyuu on November 01, 2010, 04:42:30 PM
Oh hey there.

Here to say I finally 1cc'd Lunatic (went through the post-midboss portion of Stage 4 at 7/8 speed for an [s:27g4s4ib]unknown[/s:27g4s4ib] [s:27g4s4ib]U.N. Owen[/s:27g4s4ib] undefined reason... argh).

Also lol Extra is so luck dodge filled

Edit: include Double Spoiler and Great Fairy Wars in the discussion, now!
Title: Re: Touhou 12 and 12.3
Post by: Agastya on November 03, 2010, 09:29:11 PM
double spoiler was the last fun game zun made because it doesnt require a bleeding edge pc to get a solid consistent 60fps
Title: Re: Touhou 12 and 12.3
Post by: Mewkyuu on November 04, 2010, 01:50:56 AM
Whenever I attempt a Lunatic run on GFW, I usually get like, a nice good 10 FPS on some spell cards (e.g Stage 2 Sunny Milk's spell card where she shoots these almost-closed rings with an almost-closed ring of fire where you have to freeze all the rings or you die)

EDIT: LKA, is that picture of Yumemi?? :shock:
Title: Re: Touhou 12 and 12.3
Post by: Agastya on November 04, 2010, 11:55:50 AM

dont mind me i'll be over here with master race touhoumon.